Winter Returns with a Vengeance

Posted January 19th, 2013 by Jill Reale. 100 comments

Winter? You wouldn’t know it was winter today with an official high of 44°, all thanks to a strong southerly wind. Say goodbye to the 40s, the 30s and even the upper 20s for the next week. The frigid temperatures start by tomorrow afternoon.  Here is the timeline of what to expect:

*High Wind Warning for Lewis County from 3AM Sunday to 4PM Sunday*

*Wind Advisory for the rest of the viewing area from 7AM Sunday to 7PM Sunday*

*Lake Effect Snow Advisory for Lewis County from 6AM Sunday to 4PM Sunday*

*Lake Effect Snow Advisory for Oneida and Madison Counties from 1PM Sunday until 7AM Monday*


Early Sunday Morning: A strong cold front pushes into the region between 7AM-9AM with a burst of heavy snow lasting about an hour. A quick 1”-2” possible for the entire viewing area. Once the front passes, temperatures will begin to drop and the wind picks up between 20-30MPH, gusting to 40-50MPH.

Lake Effect Round 1: Behind the cold front, winds shift to the west during the mid to late morning, creating an intense lake effect band across the Tug Hill and extreme Northern Oneida County. Accumulation of 2”-4” possible for the Northern Country, with 4”-6” snowfall accumulation possible on the Tug.

Lake Effect Round 2: By the afternoon, winds turn more northwesterly pushing the lake effect band through the Mohawk Valley into Southern Oneida, Madison and Otsego Counties. Outside of the main band, multiple smaller bands will set up during the afternoon and evening.

Sunday Night/Monday: The wind flow turns more NNW by Sunday night into Monday, putting the lake effect snow across Chenango, Madison and Otsego Counties.

The snowfall map posted is only through 7PM Sunday. I will have another snowfall map Sunday morning for Sunday night into Monday

Wind/Temperatures: Sustained winds of 20-30MPH continue Sunday morning into the afternoon, with gusts near 40MPH. By the evening, the wind will not be as strong, between 10-20MPH. Temperatures will continue to drop throughout the day with a flash freeze possible on any untreated surfaces. Going into next week, highs will only be in the mid teens with overnight lows below zero. Another snow potential late in the work week, but one thing at a time.


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  1. karij (cold brook):

    Would so much rather have the snow than the sub zero but it is cenrtal ny.

    Posted January 19th at 9:05 PM

  2. Rob (Whitesboro):

    BGM saying travel could be almost impossible this morning.

    Posted January 20th at 2:34 AM

  3. Rob (Whitesboro):

    Figures the link doesn’t work…but there’s some strong wording in their SPS. I can’t believe it’s 47 degrees here at this hour.

    Posted January 20th at 2:41 AM

  4. Rob (Whitesboro):

    Squall line coming into WNY with a few lightning strikes. 61mph winds in Niagara Falls.

    Posted January 20th at 3:40 AM

  5. Tom (Richfield Springs):

    39 degrees, clear, windy.

    Posted January 20th at 5:39 AM

  6. Norm (Floyd, NY):

    41* here this morning.
    Is this the calm before the storm?

    Posted January 20th at 6:15 AM

  7. Rob (Whitesboro):

    The arctic front is right on our doorstep. Looks like rain for the valley though with heavy snow on the hilltops.

    Posted January 20th at 6:27 AM

  8. Jill Reale (Utica):

    Good morning! First cold front moving through with very windy conditions. Just had a wind gust of 56mph in Rochester, 69 mph in Wayne County. Majority of the area will see a burst of heavy rain, with snow on higher elevations.

    Posted January 20th at 7:03 AM

  9. Denys (East Winfield):

    38 degrees, mostly cloudy with a few small breaks of clearing, very windy with a very red sky!

    Posted January 20th at 7:29 AM

  10. Nick (West Winfield,NY):

    40 degrees here with a DP of 27.
    Sky all red.

    Posted January 20th at 7:32 AM

  11. sue (fairfield):

    42 here…..just noticed the sunrise as well….same dew as Nick….breezy….peak of 30 mph

    Posted January 20th at 7:38 AM

  12. Rob (Whitesboro):

    Just had a 40mph gust here

    Posted January 20th at 7:38 AM

  13. sue (fairfield):

    was 55mph by the time it got to me….wow

    Posted January 20th at 7:45 AM

  14. Bill Kardas (WKTV):

    Feels and looks like spring outside this morning…at least for now. The initial burst of precipitation here is rain and I was up to 44 before the wind picked up.

    The snowpack at my house is toast again, even the banks are lower than after last weekend’s thaw.

    Posted January 20th at 7:55 AM

  15. Jill Reale (Utica):

    Rain has changed over to snow in Boonville and Westdale

    Posted January 20th at 7:56 AM

  16. sue (fairfield):

    raining here now…temp down to 36

    Posted January 20th at 7:56 AM

  17. Rob (Whitesboro):

    Just changed over to snow here. Down to 34 degrees.

    Posted January 20th at 8:02 AM

  18. Nick (West Winfield,NY):

    rain with a little snow mixed in snow on the hil 1600 ft. Just started 10 min ago.

    Posted January 20th at 8:02 AM

  19. Bill Kardas (WKTV):

    Rain is just starting to mix with a few flakes. Down to 36 here.

    Posted January 20th at 8:10 AM

  20. Jill Reale (Utica):

    The temperature just dropped 11° at KRME

    Posted January 20th at 8:12 AM

  21. sue (fairfield):

    rain changed to snow about 15 min ago here…temp down to 32

    Posted January 20th at 8:28 AM

  22. Clifford (Garrattsville, Otsego):

    Rain and snow mixed in the hills above Garrattsville Otsego county elevation 1650 ft 38 degrees

    Posted January 20th at 8:43 AM

  23. Clifford (Garrattsville, Otsego):

    Correction we have switched over to all snow

    Posted January 20th at 8:46 AM

  24. Nick (West Winfield,NY):

    All snow here.

    Posted January 20th at 9:13 AM

  25. Jill Reale (Utica):

    Literally thought the roof was going to blow off during my full weather. Wind gust had to be over 50MPH on Smith Hill.

    Posted January 20th at 9:49 AM

  26. Nick (West Winfield,NY):

    44mph top gust here…this is fun :)
    Sun out.
    12z Hi res looks good. Waiting for BUFKIT to come out.
    I never knew BUFKIT had Omega….I really like BUFKIT. Even shows the LICAPE on the Skew T.

    Posted January 20th at 9:59 AM

  27. Jill Reale (Utica):

    Numerous reports of trees down across CNY.

    Posted January 20th at 10:00 AM

  28. sue (fairfield):

    got up to a 59 gust here

    Posted January 20th at 10:07 AM

  29. sue (fairfield):

    hit 60 mph

    Posted January 20th at 10:18 AM

  30. Nick (West Winfield,NY):

    Top gust at 48mph….insane.

    Posted January 20th at 10:55 AM

  31. Rob (Whitesboro):

    Top gust here is 46mph so far. SYR gusted to 58mph.

    Posted January 20th at 11:23 AM

  32. Rob (Whitesboro):

    Wednesday morning looks brutal cold. Whoever avoids the lake clouds could plummet to -20!

    Posted January 20th at 11:31 AM

  33. Rob (Whitesboro):

    Wow 77mph gust in Oswego

    Posted January 20th at 11:48 AM

  34. Gordon (Northwestern):

    Only got a dusting of snow this morning when the cold front went through. Lake effect snow finally dropped South into my area about 25 minutes ago. Moderate snow right now. Temp is 23 down from a high of 41 at 8 AM this morning.

    Posted January 20th at 4:23 PM

  35. Gordon (Northwestern):

    Only got a dusting of snow this morning when the cold front went through. Lake effect snow finally dropped South into my area about 25 minutes ago. Moderate snow right now. Temp is 23 down from a high of 41 at 8 AM this morning.

    Posted January 20th at 4:23 PM

  36. Rob (Whitesboro):

    It’s knocking on my doorstep here. BGM only going 3-5”. I’m thinking at least 6” here by noon.

    Posted January 20th at 4:27 PM

  37. Jeff H (Sherburne Hills):

    We got some flurries that is it, that band is definitely a beast, but it is surely not going very far inland.

    Posted January 20th at 4:33 PM

  38. Mel (Westernville):

    Getting hammered here now – will post a pic to Jill on twitter shortly

    Posted January 20th at 4:36 PM

  39. Jill Reale (Utica):

    Thank you Mel! I will be looking for snowfall reports near 6PM for the news. Anyone who is on facebook, I posted a compare photo between Camden and Westmoreland….a tale of two cities.

    Posted January 20th at 4:37 PM

  40. Rob (Whitesboro):

    SUNY model really cranks this band after midnight. Flow stays around 290

    Posted January 20th at 4:39 PM

  41. sue (fairfield):

    nothing here but a dusting from thismorning and just wind…..peaked out so far at 65… far…temp is down to 23

    20.25” for season total

    Posted January 20th at 4:44 PM

  42. Nick (West Winfield,NY):

    wow…geeezzz LES looks insane tuesday. EQLs at 12,000-14,000 (insane levels, instability-) and good LICAPE. Talk about a active week :). #Bringit Thats after meso low.

    Posted January 20th at 4:44 PM

  43. (Westmo):

    Nice comparison Jill. Amazing what a few miles difference makes. I can see those dark clouds to the north of Rome.

    Posted January 20th at 4:51 PM

  44. sue (fairfield):

    snowing here now again…..the wonderful horizontal snow…..guess Mike in dolgeville will get all mine ; )

    Posted January 20th at 4:59 PM

  45. (Westmo):

    The Lake Band has made it here finally.

    Posted January 20th at 5:05 PM

  46. Rob (Whitesboro):

    Moderate snow here. Ground is getting white.

    Posted January 20th at 5:28 PM

  47. Rocino (N.Marcy):

    Moderate snow….white ground and blowing sideways up on the hill here…..bring on the snow… and Let’s go Patriots!

    Posted January 20th at 5:34 PM

  48. Rob (Whitesboro):

    Flow looks steady over the lake at 280/290. Reports of whiteout conditions in Rome.

    Posted January 20th at 5:50 PM

  49. Chris (HP Weather) (Holland Patent):

    Been snowing here now since 4pm. Ground is covered with moderate snow falling. Maybe about an inch so far as snow has been blowing around. Hope flow stays with us all night up here.

    Posted January 20th at 5:52 PM

  50. Chris (HP Weather) (Holland Patent):

    Been snowing here now since 4pm. Ground is covered with moderate snow falling. Maybe about an inch so far as snow has been blowing around. Hope flow stays with us all night up here.

    Posted January 20th at 5:52 PM

  51. Deb (Hartwick):

    NO measurable snow here today..flurries and wind. temp is now 21.
    season snowfall total…30 inches

    Posted January 20th at 5:55 PM

  52. Chris (HP Weather) (Holland Patent):

    Whiteouts here as well, snow coming down in different directions

    Posted January 20th at 5:57 PM

  53. sue (fairfield):

    white out here too….down to 19*

    Posted January 20th at 6:12 PM

  54. Nick (West Winfield,NY):

    Im hearing reports of thunder and lightning within the band.

    Posted January 20th at 6:44 PM

  55. nugfin (Neil) (South Utica - Genesee St.):

    Just some light flurries here with a dusting.

    Seasonal Snow Total: 34.7”

    Posted January 20th at 6:45 PM

  56. WKTV Weather Alert:

    NWS has issued a Lake Effect Snow Warning for Northern Oneida & Southern Oneida Counties until 08:00 AM

    Posted January 20th at 6:55 PM

  57. Jill Reale (Utica):

    Here is the latest snowfall map:

    Posted January 20th at 6:58 PM

  58. Jeff H (Sherburne Hills):

    Weekly Snowfall- 3.4”
    Seasonal Snowfall- 51.9”

    Also for the WKTV crew, is the band going to shift further south, or has it moved as far as it will tonight??? I see the bands off the other lakes are just about what the one off ontario is I was just wondering.

    Posted January 20th at 7:00 PM

  59. Jill Reale (Utica):

    Jeff, it may wobble throughout the night but looks to stay in Oneida/Madison Counties.

    Posted January 20th at 7:01 PM

  60. Rob (Whitesboro):

    Already 3” in Rome. Just a coating here with light snow.

    Posted January 20th at 7:02 PM

  61. Rocino (N.Marcy):

    Heavy snow and near whiteout conditions with the wind up here on the hill

    Posted January 20th at 7:11 PM

  62. Mike (Rome):

    Definitely a good 3 inches here already in Rome. It’s pretty much been a whiteout since it has started.

    Posted January 20th at 7:21 PM

  63. Robert (Rome):

    Just got in from Syracuse. Did not hit snow till around Verona. Whiteout conditions on 365. About 4 inches here in Rome near the former base.

    Posted January 20th at 7:33 PM

  64. Jill Reale (Utica):

    A lot of car accidents on the scanners this evening. I would advise not traveling in Central Oneida County.

    Posted January 20th at 8:36 PM

  65. Jill Reale (Utica):

    The lake effect snow band has reached southern parts of Vermont.

    Posted January 20th at 9:01 PM

  66. Rob (Whitesboro):

    Just measured 2.5” here.

    Posted January 20th at 9:03 PM

  67. Rocino (N.Marcy):

    about 5-6“here

    Posted January 20th at 9:06 PM

  68. Jill Reale (Utica):

    Just measured, 3” on Smith Hill.

    Posted January 20th at 9:07 PM

  69. Gordon (Northwestern):

    Only got 1.4” of snow when the band shifted south earlier this evening. With the 1” of now I had earlier this week, it gives me 2.4” for the week.
    54.4” for the season. Only a few light flurries falling up here now.

    Posted January 20th at 9:21 PM

  70. Jimmy (New Hartford):

    It’s really coming down now, up to 2.5 inches already

    Posted January 20th at 10:12 PM

  71. Weatherdog (Utica - UC Hill - 500 ft. elv.):

    3 inches an 18*.

    Posted January 20th at 10:39 PM

  72. Rob (Whitesboro):

    Report of 7.5 just north of Deerfield. Flow stays this way all night so we should do good around the thruway. Flakes have been small here though. I have 3.3” here

    Posted January 20th at 10:58 PM

  73. Jimmy (New Hartford):

    3 inches in the last hour!!!! 5.5 now!

    Posted January 20th at 11:17 PM

  74. Rob (Whitesboro):

    Wow! Snow is light here but flakes are much bigger now.

    Posted January 20th at 11:29 PM

  75. Nick (West Winfield,NY):

    I hope it can wiggle south a bit…we shall see. Nothing here with a dusting or a little more. Had a good burst then nothing.

    Posted January 20th at 11:41 PM

  76. Rob (Whitesboro):

    8” in Washington Mills with 4” in one hour!

    Posted January 20th at 11:53 PM

  77. Jimmy (New Hartford):

    I’m not far from Washington Mills Rob, not far behind that number at all.

    Posted January 20th at 11:55 PM

  78. Jimmy (New Hartford):

    I’m not far from Washington Mills Rob, not far behind that number at all.

    Posted January 20th at 11:55 PM

  79. Jill Reale (Utica):

    I can not believe the difference from North and South Utica! 5” and counting here with heavy snow. The snow covered roads are actually better than the plowed. Underneath the snow there is a layer of ice, making for very slippery roads.

    Posted January 21st at 12:07 AM

  80. Lori (Bridgeport):

    Had no snow all day….just wind which opened up the lake…started snowing about 9 pm….appears to be about 4 inches of snow out there now.

    Posted January 21st at 3:31 AM

  81. Bill Kardas (WKTV):

    Just 2” here of snow in North Utica. It came down pretty good for a little while yesterday evening, but it didn’t last long.

    Road conditions weren’t bad on the drive in, but I would suspect areas just south of me are in worse condition.

    Posted January 21st at 4:39 AM

  82. Tom (Richfield Springs):

    9 degrees, calm, overcast, only picked up 1.1” new snow from this event. That gave us 3.2” for the week and 38.5” for the year.

    Posted January 21st at 5:08 AM

  83. Denys (East Winfield):

    10 degrees with 1” of new snow this morning. Usually it’s me that has more snow than New Hartford and Utica….. glad I escaped!

    As of last night, my snowfall total was 41.5”. I forgot to post last night.

    Posted January 21st at 5:10 AM

  84. Chris (HP Weather) (Holland Patent):

    As of this am I only got 1.5 inches from the Les event which brings my seasonal total to 45 inches. I got robbed as only a few miles west n south of me got the snow band. Just amazing what literally a couple of miles make. Wow amazing 4 inch an hour in Washington mills is impressive

    Posted January 21st at 5:35 AM

  85. Jacks (Jordanville):

    snowblowing the driveway before work, 31/2’‘ to 4’‘ of snow…..Happy manic monday…

    Posted January 21st at 5:48 AM

  86. (Westmo):

    5.9” here on my snow board.

    Posted January 21st at 6:10 AM

  87. nugfin (Neil) (South Utica - Genesee St.):

    An even 6” here at 15*.

    Posted January 21st at 6:43 AM

  88. Winter (Forestport):

    ...12° and about 1” of “...s“NO“w…” over an approximately 6” frozen crust base are the conditions around here …

    Posted January 21st at 6:46 AM

  89. Jimmy (New Hartford):

    Cleared off 6.2” at 1AM, since then there’s been an even inch for a 7.2” total. The snow is settling fast as the ground total is already down to 6.5”

    Posted January 21st at 7:01 AM

  90. Lori (Bridgeport):

    I must have got dumped on pretty good overnight …from 9 pm til now…measured 5.5 inches.

    Posted January 21st at 7:18 AM

  91. Rob (Whitesboro):

    Picked up 4.3” here. Fulton was the jackpot at 18”

    Posted January 21st at 7:34 AM

  92. Rob (Whitesboro):

    Seasonal total here is 43.3”

    Posted January 21st at 7:45 AM

  93. Rob (Whitesboro):

    Correction seasonal total is 42.3”

    Posted January 21st at 7:47 AM

  94. Bill Kardas (WKTV):

    Took a little longer, but the reports are coming in. 17” in Camden is the highest report I’ve seen locally. Working on the next entry now…will publish snowfall totals & look at the potential for more snow.

    Posted January 21st at 7:51 AM

  95. Bill Kardas (WKTV):

    Reports of several minor accidents across the area this morning. Slow down on the roadways!

    Posted January 21st at 7:58 AM

  96. nugfin (Neil) (South Utica - Genesee St.):

    Already LES warnings being posted off of Erie for tonight/tomorrow.

    Posted January 21st at 8:14 AM

  97. sue (fairfield):

    2” of fluff….overnight low of 11…..12 right now

    Posted January 21st at 8:16 AM

  98. Rob (Whitesboro):

    Yeah this next event looks even more intense but it looks like the brunt of it is north of the thruway.

    Posted January 21st at 8:20 AM

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