Finally a Direct Hit

Posted February 25th, 2010 by Adam Musyt. 265 comments

An update for this evening on the storm...Heavy snowfall continues this evening all across CNY.  The storm system is centered near Long Island and the central pressure has dropped to 980 mb - quite intense.  Counterclockwise winds flowing around the center of the storm will continue to draw in moisture laden air from the Atlantic Ocean.  Already today, we've seen this Atlantic air mass make for just a heavy rainfall for portions of Eastern NY near Albany.  Earlier thinking was that this storm would jog westward into Eastern Pennsylvania, potentially allowing for more of a mixture of sleet and rain to intrude into CNY along with the heavy snow - but with the latest model progs keeping the vast majority of any mixed precipitation to the east for the majority of the event, it now appears that CNY will cash in on even higher snowfall amounts.

At this time we expect steady and heavy snowfall to continue through the evening.  As the storm system intensifies a bit more and tracks just a bit more to the west, our winds will continue to increase.  Look for sustained winds of 15-25 mph with gusts to 40 mph into early Friday.  As the heavy wet snow continues to pile up on tree limbs and power lines, the extra strain from the wind may cause some scattered power outages.  This is going to be closely monitored through the night.

By late tonight and early Friday there are indications that a dry slot will rotate into the region from the east, diminishing our precipitation by daybreak.  Bottom line is that several more inches of accumulation are expected through the night and travel is strongly discouraged.  Any informtion on road conditions and local weather reports is greatly appreciated.


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  1. Justin (Whitesboro):

    Thanks Adam!...Do you think there is a possibility that we will not get the dry slot? Maybe 0z runs will show something different!!

    Posted February 25th at 8:00 PM

  2. Jeff H (Sherburne Hills):

    Thanks Adam- Just top let you know Chenango County is closed! All roads shut down till 6am and from the lack of activity on our phones and radios I think people actually are listening!

    Posted February 25th at 8:02 PM

  3. Jimmy(New Hartford):

    Storm total as of 8 pm is 11.2 inches. The temp is 28

    Posted February 25th at 8:04 PM

  4. Adam Musyt:


    It’s been pretty consistent. It’s possible that the snow continues late tonight, but the deeper moisture is going to shift southwestward into PA – so even if snows continue into the morning, the intensity should lighten up considerably.

    We still should be into the heavy stuff at least through the middle of the night.

    Posted February 25th at 8:05 PM

  5. Jim (Whitesboro):

    opted to not travel at all today to Auburn, Any thoughts on what commute will be for folks in the AM between 7-10 AM, also, would the dry slot extend out to our west or will it be more localized.

    Posted February 25th at 8:05 PM

  6. Adam Musyt:


    It will get to the west too, around Auburn. It just may take a little longer to get there. Bottom line is that by midmorning Friday pretty much everyone in Upstate NY will notice the snow intensity will be quite a bit lighter and it ought to become more spotty too.

    Posted February 25th at 8:08 PM

  7. Adam Musyt:

    Morning commute still looks quite messy. Things will improve on the roadways quite a bit as Friday unfolds.

    Posted February 25th at 8:09 PM

  8. Justin (Whitesboro):

    Ok thanks!

    Posted February 25th at 8:10 PM

  9. Art (Oriskany Falls):

    At 7:30 PM we got 10 for the total today

    It’s windy and nasty out and the temp is
    25* and the barometric pressure has dropped a little again since I checked it last.

    Posted February 25th at 8:15 PM

  10. Adam Musyt:

    10.25” and counting here on Smith Hill.

    Posted February 25th at 8:16 PM

  11. Mrboom - Canastota:

    Hey all wind picking up here 27* outside now, Anyone know a good sight to see road closures, the roads out here are terrible, and getting worse with the wind.

    Posted February 25th at 8:20 PM

  12. Jim (Whitesboro):

    thanks adam

    Posted February 25th at 8:22 PM

  13. Mike S (Port Leyden):

    Mrboom: Big Frog’s website has links to DOT’s road closure system.

    I’m amazed at the difference in snow between Utica and up here in the southern portion of Lewis county. I’ve measured 4” of snow, storm total, while people are in the double-digits down there. Amazing.

    Posted February 25th at 8:22 PM

  14. Justin (Whitesboro):

    Reports of wires and tree limbs down throughout the area…

    Posted February 25th at 8:23 PM

  15. Justin (Whitesboro):

    Mike S i wonder why that is? The radar shows moderate snow’s in your area for a while even earlier in the day?!?

    Posted February 25th at 8:25 PM

  16. Pat (Fort Plain):

    11.7 inches in Fort Plain at 8:25
    Winds gusting at 25-30 MPH

    Posted February 25th at 8:26 PM

  17. Tim (Herkimer):

    I took the thruway at 7:30 and the right lane was good enough to go 55 mph.Great job by the crew

    Posted February 25th at 8:26 PM

  18. WINTER (Forestport):

    The temperature is still at 31°…I see that it is colder south of here, which is unusual…There is 5¾ of snow on my measuring board…I haven’t cleaned the board off since the storm began this morning…so that total includes the compaction of the heavy wet snow …

    Posted February 25th at 8:26 PM

  19. Mike S (Port Leyden):

    I’ve been getting sporadic heavy snows, a few time’s I’ve approached 2”/hr. The problem is it only lasts 5min, and them I’m back to flurries.

    I’ll be taking my next measurement at 10:30, so we’ll see how the next few hours turns out.

    Posted February 25th at 8:30 PM

  20. fairfield:

    almost 9” here. starting to get breezy

    Posted February 25th at 8:36 PM

  21. fairfield:

    still snowing 27* also, how much more are we supposed to get by morning

    Posted February 25th at 8:41 PM

  22. Rob (Whitesboro):

    Looks like the storm is making its westward move to CT now. Now the the real fun begins! Temp is down to 27 here.

    Posted February 25th at 8:42 PM

  23. sauquoit:

    do you think there is a good chance for schools to close tomorrow?

    Posted February 25th at 8:45 PM

  24. Justin (Whitesboro):

    Rob- Where is a good map to see where the actual is and is moving?

    Posted February 25th at 8:46 PM

  25. Adam Musyt:


    There will almost certainly be some school closings or delays – with amounts going over a foot and a half it’s hard to see how there won’t be – but we can’t say for sure which districts will close or delay.

    Posted February 25th at 8:46 PM

  26. Rob (Whitesboro):

    I’ve just been watching the pressure falls Justin. The center of the storm is over New London CT @ 978mb currently. Winds are gusting close to 50mph now in Boston. There was a recent gust of 121mph at Mt Washington NH!! The obsevatory up there is reporting 10 foot drifts!

    Posted February 25th at 8:51 PM

  27. Ryan (Sauquoit):

    Hey Adam..Storm totals are 11.5 inches for Sauquoit. Still snowing very hard, and winds are gusting as well. I’ll keep you updated.

    Posted February 25th at 8:52 PM

  28. Tony -

    Took another measurement. 9.2” and climbing. Moderate snow. I aint going out there again tonight HaHa

    Posted February 25th at 8:53 PM

  29. Adam Musyt:

    Thanks for all the reports, guys! Keep ‘em coming!

    Posted February 25th at 8:54 PM

  30. brittany (ilion):

    can you tell me how much snow we have already got from this storm so far?

    Posted February 25th at 8:54 PM

  31. Jeff H (Sherburne Hills):


    I know you prolly need an official to call you but just so you are aware, Sherburne-Earlville Schools have already officially closed for tomorrow.

    Posted February 25th at 8:55 PM

  32. Adam Musyt:

    When I was a kid growing up I remember watching the school delays and closings on WNEP channel 16 in Scranton. There was this one parochial school called “Gate of Heaven” and I always used to chuckle – and think that we were completely into the dead of winter when I would see on the screen, “Gate of Heaven: CLOSED”

    Posted February 25th at 8:57 PM

  33. Adam Musyt:


    Thanks for the heads up, but yep. School officials call into the station with a password and that’s when our news department puts them on air.

    Posted February 25th at 8:58 PM

  34. Gary (at home in Schuyler):

    Just got off the phone with someone in Amsterdam, raining hard there right now.

    Posted February 25th at 8:59 PM

  35. brittany (ilion):

    adam musyt:

    Do you know how much snow ilion has gotten so far from this storm?

    Posted February 25th at 9:00 PM

  36. Tim (herkimer):

    I was scheduled to work from 1:30 to 10 PM. and was sent home at 2:30 with pay.I love these storms!

    Posted February 25th at 9:00 PM

  37. Rob (Whitesboro):

    I have 11.2” here. Moderate snow is falling with 1/2 mile visability.

    Posted February 25th at 9:00 PM

  38. Jim (Whitesboro):

    that’s funny

    Posted February 25th at 9:01 PM

  39. adam (hecla):

    i have 13.2 inches as of 9 pm. Went out snowmobiling and it was great!!! the snow is nice and fluffy compared to how packy it was during the day makes it a lot easier for when you get stuck.

    Posted February 25th at 9:09 PM

  40. norway:

    every one is saying this is going to continue thru tomarrow evening, what makes you think different? just curious

    Posted February 25th at 9:14 PM

  41. Sean (Oriskany):

    Up to 11.5” here as of 9 P.M. How are we looking for snowdays here tomorrow Adam?

    Posted February 25th at 9:15 PM

  42. Tony -

    Adam, you’;re a Scranton boy? WNEP – Nolan Johansonn and the husband and wife weather team. Tom Clark & ??

    Spent a few years down there working at P Chopper

    Posted February 25th at 9:16 PM

  43. Marcy:

    Although the winds are a bit brisk now, should we expect the winds to pick up even more overnight?

    Posted February 25th at 9:17 PM

  44. Adam Musyt:


    Not sure where you are getting your information. NWS winter storm warnings expire at 7 AM.

    Posted February 25th at 9:17 PM

  45. Michael- (Dolgeville):

    Very bad out there right now. Visibility is just horrible, tree limbs are snapping and falling on wires, power has been on and off, sky is lit up at times from arcing wires. Just walked about a half mile to snowblow a driveway and had wires within 6 feet of my head. Very dangerous situation out there!

    Posted February 25th at 9:17 PM

  46. Lisa :

    Does anyone know how much snow there is in Westmoreland?

    Posted February 25th at 9:17 PM

  47. Adam Musyt:


    Absolutely. Nolan was a legend. Tom Clark too. I really like his delivery.

    Posted February 25th at 9:18 PM

  48. Art (Oriskany Falls):

    Right now we are at 11.5 inches for the day.

    Posted February 25th at 9:18 PM

  49. CNY:

    Are we thinking snowdays for central new york tomorrow?

    Posted February 25th at 9:20 PM

  50. adam (hecla):

    46. – i live closer to rte. 5 on W. South St. and i just measured 13.2, and sean from oriskany posted 11.5 so roughly a foot of snow is on the ground in westmo.

    Posted February 25th at 9:20 PM

  51. Gary (at home in Schuyler):

    7 inches on the driveway when I cleared it out at 5 pm, 4 3/4 inches of new snow on it now.

    Posted February 25th at 9:21 PM

  52. brittany (ilion):


    Posted February 25th at 9:22 PM

  53. jay (frankfort):

    i told my a week ago ,i want a big snowstorm.just shoot me

    Posted February 25th at 9:23 PM

  54. Justin (Whitesboro):

    NOAA states heavy snowfall to persist thought the overnight with 2-3”/hr…I can see 15+ by morning easy…temp hold around 26*

    Posted February 25th at 9:24 PM

  55. Jim (Whitesboro):

    to everyone asking about snow days, please go back and look at Adams post #25.

    Posted February 25th at 9:24 PM

  56. cny:

    well if your in ilion and not out of town id suggest you put your boots on and grab a ruler and go find out for yourself

    Posted February 25th at 9:24 PM

  57. Denys (E. Winfield):

    The wind has picked up tremendously here. I have 5 more inches of snow, bringing the total to 15 inches. I can’t tell you what the temp is because the snow has plastered itself to the thermometer and I can’t see it!
    Adam—I love the Gates of Heaven: CLOSED! too funny!

    Posted February 25th at 9:26 PM

  58. Jim (Whitesboro):

    Justin, is that localized to our area, or just a general report about the storm, i.e., it is not specific to anywhere, just in general.

    Posted February 25th at 9:26 PM

  59. Art (Oriskany Falls):

    By the way Lisa, Hecla is pretty close to Westmorland. They had 13.2 inches at
    9:00 PM
    Check out post #39 above.

    Posted February 25th at 9:26 PM

  60. adam (hecla):

    yea my zip is westmoreland so technically i am westmoreland but im about a half mile from hecla on the very fringe of westmoreland and vernon.

    Posted February 25th at 9:29 PM

  61. Adam Musyt:

    11.25” here at the station.

    Posted February 25th at 9:31 PM

  62. Justin (Whitesboro):

    The low actually appears to be off cape cod moving westward!

    Posted February 25th at 9:43 PM

  63. Adam Musyt:

    Winds are pretty clearly picking up here at the station. Blowing snow is becoming more frequent.

    Posted February 25th at 9:45 PM

  64. Jack:

    How does a 8 AM morning commute around the Clinton area look for tomorrow morning?

    Posted February 25th at 9:46 PM

  65. SteveH(Tully):

    We have at least a foot here and a sustained wind of16 MPH with gusts to 28…I do live on a hilltop though. I would not want o be on the road now.

    Posted February 25th at 9:47 PM

  66. Adam Musyt:


    In a word, bad. The heaviest snows will be over with by then and the road crews will have a chance to clear things away – but we’re closing in on a foot of snow and we still have at least a few more hours of heavy stuff.

    Posted February 25th at 9:49 PM

  67. fairfield:

    almost 10” now winds are still holding around 10 mph, definitely feeling colder than when i was out at 6pm for barn chores

    Posted February 25th at 9:51 PM

  68. Adam Musyt:

    If any of you have a home barometer you may want to check it out. The pressure doesn’t often get too much lower than this around here. 29.30 inches of mercury at Griffiss or 993 mb.

    Westhampton Beach, NY is at 978 mb – or 28.89 inches of mercury.

    Posted February 25th at 9:54 PM

  69. Marcy:

    Does anyone remember what the pressure was down to during the March 1993 storm?

    Posted February 25th at 9:56 PM

  70. Justin (Whitesboro):

    APPEARS TO TAKE PLACE A LITTLE LATER THAN THOUGHT BEFORE (09-12Z). NWS...Adam what times will this be?

    Posted February 25th at 9:57 PM

  71. Adam Musyt:

    Offhand I remember it was down to 28.58” in Scranton. That was the lowest pressure on record for that area.

    Posted February 25th at 9:58 PM

  72. Adam Musyt:

    9z is 4 AM. 12z is 7 AM

    Posted February 25th at 9:58 PM

  73. Marcy:

    I remember it being very low…Thanks Adam!

    Posted February 25th at 9:59 PM

  74. Michael- (Dolgeville):

    12.00” inches here as of 10p.m.

    Posted February 25th at 10:02 PM

  75. Adam Musyt:

    Lowest pressure during the Superstorm of 1993 was on Saturday morning, March 13, off the eastern shore of MD at 960 mb or 28.35 inches of mercury.

    Posted February 25th at 10:03 PM

  76. Nate(little falls):

    Tree limbs keep coming down here. The power has been on and off for about an hour now, and there was a blue flash earlier not sure what it was though

    Posted February 25th at 10:04 PM

  77. Jimmy (New Hartford):

    As of 10:00 pm, storm total of 13.3 inches. Temp of 27. Adam: are those times theend of the heavy snow or all precip?

    Posted February 25th at 10:05 PM

  78. Jan (Rome):

    My weather station is showing 28.85 in Rome.

    Posted February 25th at 10:06 PM

  79. Adam Musyt:

    77, We think the snows will lighten up by late tonight but off and on light snows will continue into the weekend.

    Posted February 25th at 10:06 PM

  80. Jeff H (Sherburne Hills):

    pressure down to 29.25 here, temperature at 21 degrees, winds sustained at 10 (I am very sheltered) mph due east, and moderate to heavy snowfall. It is downright nasty outside. I will get an official measurement tonight when I get home from work.

    Posted February 25th at 10:07 PM

  81. Mike S (Port Leyden):

    Measured another 4” of snow, bringing the storm total to 7”, with snow coming down moderately hard.

    Posted February 25th at 10:14 PM

  82. Robert:

    Just got home from work from New Hartford to Rome. Was a very slow go. All roads esp 49 from Whitesboro High School to Rome werea mess.

    Posted February 25th at 10:19 PM

  83. brian(edmeston cntr) (Edmeston):

    11.5 right now by averaging. I’m off to bed.

    Posted February 25th at 10:22 PM

  84. norway:

    the weather channel says this will continue, i should not have said everyone…lol.. sorry but they have the storm sitting still or moving slowly saying it will last into friday night! we ar up to about 15” total so far

    Posted February 25th at 10:23 PM

  85. Mrboom:

    Hey Mike S .. thank you i will look there, but someone said thruway was good … i travel to cuse everyday … so i like to know.. i appreciate it mike. Take care

    Posted February 25th at 10:27 PM

  86. fairfield:

    Hey Adam, regarding your post #68, my weather station is showing 28.08, how low can ya go

    Posted February 25th at 10:30 PM

  87. Jeff H (Sherburne Hills):

    The 0z NAM still showing almost 2” QPF........OMG.......I know its prolly a bit high but that is crazy.

    Posted February 25th at 10:30 PM

  88. randy Vitullo :

    Power outage in HP lasted 2.5 hours. Back on at 1010PM. Approaching a foot in HP….

    Posted February 25th at 10:31 PM

  89. Ryan (Sauquoit):

    Just measured another 1.5 inches bringing us up to 13 inches. Night all.

    Posted February 25th at 10:31 PM

  90. Walker rd just North of the station:

    Barometer @ 984mb (29.05 Hg).

    Seems a bit low – think it’s busted?

    Posted February 25th at 10:33 PM

  91. Mike S (Port Leyden):

    The low is bottoming at 980mb out in the Atlantic. You should be getting something round 996mb (if I remember right, I don’t have the map pulled up at the moment)

    Posted February 25th at 10:36 PM

  92. Rob (Whitesboro):

    Neighbor across the street has a large branch down. Scuffed up their car pretty good.

    Posted February 25th at 10:38 PM

  93. Jeff H (Sherburne Hills):

    Barometer at 28.26 doesn’t sound right…..

    Posted February 25th at 10:39 PM

  94. MG(Point Rock):

    Measured 9.5 inches as of 10:30 — still snowing moderately. Water equivalent is 0.87”. My temp is still at 32.

    Posted February 25th at 10:39 PM

  95. fairfield:

    as per post #86, just dropped to 28.07 of barometric pressure

    Posted February 25th at 10:40 PM

  96. Jeff H (Sherburne Hills):

    ok time to start the long ride home its only about 20 miles but I am sure its gonna take at least 40 minutes!!! Especially since I haven’t cleaned off the car since 2pm!

    Posted February 25th at 10:41 PM

  97. Adam Musyt:

    An even 12” now outside. The snow is still coming in. We’re going to bump up our 10”-16” accumulation zone to 12”-18” based on current trends. This has been the snowiest day in three years for the city of Utica.

    Posted February 25th at 10:44 PM

  98. Rob (Whitesboro):

    This is crazy. Looks like the pressure is dropping more toward MA. New Bedford is down to about 973mb. We got a ways to go!

    Posted February 25th at 10:46 PM

  99. Adam Musyt:


    That’s exactly right. The ASOS values are all adjusted to sea level. The true barometric pressure is always going to be lower as elevation increases because pressure decreases with altitude.

    Posted February 25th at 10:47 PM

  100. Michelle (Prospect):

    The wind does not seem to be a factor up here as of yet, but it is just dumping snow had to snowblow 2 times in the last 4 hours and its still dumping down hard, the trees are just hanging with the heaviness of the snow

    Posted February 25th at 10:49 PM

  101. randy Vitullo :

    The 0z GFS and the NAM are showing pretty good precipitation at 6AM. This bodes well for snow day time for schools.

    Posted February 25th at 10:53 PM

  102. Anthony (N.Marcy):


    Can you please explain how someone reported at 9pm only 6” in Marcy to BGM NWS......

    I’m in N.Marcy at 900 ft elevation…. up to 14” with heavy snow falling

    Posted February 25th at 10:57 PM

  103. fairfield:

    down to 28.06 now, wind dying down???, only single digits right now

    Posted February 25th at 10:57 PM

  104. Rob (Whitesboro):

    Wow…Up to 12.5” here. Still at 27 degrees…and no dry slot in sight!

    Posted February 25th at 11:00 PM

  105. Michael- (Dolgeville):

    Were getting just pounded here. Snowfall rates of 1-2” inches per hour now. Temperature is at 27.7 degrees.

    Posted February 25th at 11:01 PM

  106. Sean (Oriskany):

    Wow! Here Comes The Heavy Snow! Woot Woot(:

    Posted February 25th at 11:01 PM

  107. Becky (West Leyden):

    Just came in from my 11:00 pm measurement and the storm total is 8.0 inches. conditions tonight are about the same as what Mike S is reporting, snow falls moderate for a while then lightens up considerably. At this time I’m getting moderate snow. Winds have been getting gradually stronger, right now there 10- 18 mph with a few higher gust. Snow is blowing around a bit. However the snow is so heavy that it’s not drifting too bad. 29.30 inHg and falling slowly at the rate of -0.03 inHg/hr. The temp is 29.

    Posted February 25th at 11:02 PM

  108. fairfield:

    lights are dimming

    Posted February 25th at 11:03 PM

  109. Ralph L (New Hartford ( 900 ft )):

    My Barometer Reading is 978 at 11:00 PM . I assume it may not be calibrated correctly but none the less its low.

    Posted February 25th at 11:04 PM

  110. randy Vitullo :

    Over 13 inches in HP as of 11:04. There can’t be any schools open in this area tomorrow.

    Posted February 25th at 11:05 PM

  111. RomeRes:

    Anyone know the total amount of snow currently within the city limits of Rome?

    Posted February 25th at 11:10 PM

  112. Rob (Whitesboro):

    Pressure is rapidly falling in Boston. Down to 972mb. They have sustained winds over 40mph with gusts to 60mph. Bombs away!

    Posted February 25th at 11:15 PM

  113. Jimmy (New Hartford):

    Snow continues to fall very hard here, the snowfall amounts are extremely impressive.

    Posted February 25th at 11:15 PM

  114. Becky (West Leyden):

    RomeRes, I talked to a friend at 9:30. At that time it was around 9.5 inches. Don’t know what it is now.

    Posted February 25th at 11:17 PM

  115. Anthony (N.Marcy):


    What is your “ADDITIONAL” snowfall forecast say from midnight into tomorrow… I would think another 6” or so?

    BTW ....BGM NWS extended warning to noon tomorrow

    Posted February 25th at 11:20 PM

  116. Adam Musyt:


    4”-6” seems reasonable.

    Posted February 25th at 11:21 PM

  117. fairfield:

    went back out about 10 min ago. 11” and still climbing

    Posted February 25th at 11:22 PM

  118. Rob (Whitesboro):

    This explains why the winds are almost calm. The storm took off in the other direction….now it’s got to come all the way back!!

    Posted February 25th at 11:22 PM

  119. Oneonta:

    I measured 21” at 11pm. Oneonta, NY, 1820 ft. Amazing storm.

    Posted February 25th at 11:32 PM

  120. little falls:

    so been outside for acouple hours tree limb down on neighbors car and my fence is smashed by neighbors tree UGH!!! I say we have atleast a foot of snow!!!

    Posted February 25th at 11:33 PM

  121. Jim (Whitesboro):

    looking at the state DOT 511 road report page and parts of 81 south of Syracuse are closed, wonder what that is about? Anyways, a commute to Auburn in the morning is not looking good.

    Adam, had family coming up from Harrisburg area in PA tomorrow, from the sound of it even down there it will still be snowing fairly good in North PA tomorrow?

    Posted February 25th at 11:34 PM

  122. fairfield:

    #123, numerous accidents is what the map is showing for parts of 81 south

    Posted February 25th at 11:39 PM

  123. Adam Musyt:


    PA looks worse tomorrow than NY. The elevated terrain on that drive (if you’ve ever taken it, the no-man’s land near Frackville on I-81 in C PA comes to mind) will likely be in rough shape.

    Posted February 25th at 11:42 PM

  124. Jim (Whitesboro):

    Thanks Adam, you guys are great, the info and advice you all give is invaluable and important.

    Posted February 25th at 11:49 PM

  125. Jeff H (Sherburne Hills):

    An absolutely amazing ride home. I live on a back road mind you but WOW, thank god someone drove a couple hours ago on my road or I wouldn’t have had any idea where to go. I have a 4×4 Durango that sits really high (17 inch tires) and I still had to plow my way down the driveway.

    Measured in several spots with an average of about 17” and still snowing heavily at the time!!! Easily going to make this a February storm to remember and rank right up there with the V-Day storm.

    Posted February 25th at 11:57 PM

  126. Jimmy (New Hartford):

    Wow, as of midnight, storm total of 15.6 inches

    Posted February 25th at 11:59 PM

  127. Rob (Whitesboro):

    This storm is insane. I picked up 1.9” in the last hour.

    Posted February 26th at 12:00 AM

  128. Justin (Whitesboro):

    Wow i can not imagine what this place would look like if it were 10* colder for the whole storm!!

    Posted February 26th at 12:01 AM

  129. Justin (Whitesboro):

    The storm is now a 973mb and still falling!!! That is a cat 2 cane!

    Posted February 26th at 12:08 AM

  130. Adam Musyt:


    Thanks for the kind words.

    Up to 13” as of Midnight at our studios.

    Posted February 26th at 12:08 AM

  131. fairfield:

    i gave up my snow count till morning, that is if i can get out my door, already piled up about 2 feet in front of it…..pressure STILL dropping, down to 27.97. I agree with you #128, i remember that V-day storm well, when i opend my door there was about 2 1/2 to 3 feet against it and the door made an imprint in the snow. by the way, glad you made it home safe

    Posted February 26th at 12:10 AM

  132. heather (Mohawk):

    16 in and counting measured on the table on deck that was clear before it started snowing with this storm.Wind has picked up. Still comming down heavy

    Posted February 26th at 12:13 AM

  133. Steve (east sode Kyser lake) Oppenheim:

    Justin # 131,
    If it were 10% colder, you would have another V-Day 2007 storm but ,maybe with just a little less snow.
    I have 14” outside the door as of Midnight. I am getting absolutely pounded over here. It has been snowing about 1 to 2 inch per hour for the past couple of hours.

    Mike in Dolgeville, what caused that biggest flash of blue around 10 PM??

    Best to all, Steve

    Posted February 26th at 12:13 AM

  134. Matt:

    If it was snowing in Maine, at a 10:1 ratio, They easily would have picked up between 70-90 inches. Some places will get 9 inches of rain.

    Posted February 26th at 12:13 AM

  135. Adam Musyt:

    Radar indicating some heavy precip streaming in from the east. Our Storm Tracker 2 decoder is painting a mix into Eastern Herkimer County – but we haven’t had any ground reports to support sleet.

    If the precipitation isn’t in the form of sleet, then it’s very likely that snowfall rates of 2”-3” per hour are occurring in Eastern Herkimer and Western Fulton and Montgomery Counties.

    Posted February 26th at 12:16 AM

  136. Michael- (Dolgeville):

    Adam: What is falling isn’t quite sleet but not completely snow either. Precipitation rate has decreased a ton.

    Posted February 26th at 12:30 AM

  137. Michael- (Dolgeville):

    14.00” inches here as of midnight. Single greatest one day snowfall in three years for me.

    Posted February 26th at 12:32 AM

  138. fairfield:

    just noticed temp bottomed out at 26 from 9pm to about 11:30, now up to 28, pressure still dropping….down to 27.94

    Posted February 26th at 12:34 AM

  139. Adam Musyt:


    Thank you very much. That’s very helpful.

    Posted February 26th at 12:35 AM

  140. Adam Musyt:

    We’re back up to 30 at Griffiss from a low of 28.

    Posted February 26th at 12:36 AM

  141. Adam Musyt:

    Snow has become more grainy in the past hour. This partially explains the higher reflectivities on the radar.

    Posted February 26th at 12:43 AM

  142. Rob (Whitesboro):

    I’m up to 29 degrees here. It’s coming down in buckets! I’ll have a total at the top of the hour.

    Posted February 26th at 12:43 AM

  143. fairfield:

    still snowing here, no precip change yet

    Posted February 26th at 12:44 AM

  144. Michael- (Dolgeville):

    Steve #36: That big flash was likely arcing wires or a transformer exploding. I was walking over the bridge at the time the power went out.

    Posted February 26th at 12:52 AM

  145. Rob (Whitesboro):

    I have 16.0” here for a storm total. My actuall snowpack is 21”!! Getting moderate snow at this time.

    Posted February 26th at 12:58 AM

  146. Jimmy (New Hartford):

    Picked up 1.2 inches in the past hour bringing the storm total to 16.8 inches. Im off to bed, its 28 degrees and still all snow, hopefully it stays that way.

    Posted February 26th at 1:00 AM

  147. nugfin (South Utica - Genesee St.):

    29 degrees here – still snowing pretty good

    Posted February 26th at 1:03 AM

  148. Michael- (Dolgeville):

    Back over to mostly all snow now after a brief mix with sleet/freezing rain. Temperature is at 30 degrees.

    Posted February 26th at 1:08 AM

  149. Cedarville:

    We are at 17.5 inches since 7 AM and still snowing very heavy here, wind has not been any issue, just straight down pouring snow all day and night.

    Posted February 26th at 1:21 AM

  150. Matt:

    The system seems to be splitting off. Im thinking were about done with pulling the moisture in off the atlantic.

    Posted February 26th at 1:23 AM

  151. Allen (Sauquoit):

    Just in from plowing. Out on Rt. 12 towards waterville the snow is coming down extremely hard. Drifts halfway up telephone poles, etc. Trees sagging very low on powerlines everywhere. Have a feeling tomorrow morning’s commute is going to be, well, quite rough. Night gang.

    Posted February 26th at 1:34 AM

  152. Rob (Whitesboro):

    The snow is still cranking here at 1-2”/hr rates. There are several large branches down in my backyard. The plow has been nowheree to be seen. I put the yardstick in the road and there was 7” in the middle of my street.

    Posted February 26th at 1:46 AM

  153. Michael- (Dolgeville):

    Lots of minor power outages starting to increase in the Dolgeville/Salisbury area.

    Posted February 26th at 1:52 AM

  154. Adam Musyt:

    Well that was a “fun” ride home :)

    Rt. 49 between Utica and Floyd is in really rough shape. It was plowed pretty obviously but the snow has piled up so fast that any vehicles that bottom out easily would have a difficult time. I saw only 4 vehicles on the entire drive from Utica to Rome and two of them were those big Wal-Mart trucks.

    Posted February 26th at 2:02 AM

  155. Adam Musyt:

    The back edge of the steady and heavy precip has finally entered New York State. Most of VT and MA are in a dry slot and that should work westward over the next few hours.

    12.5” snow in Rome as of 2 AM.

    Posted February 26th at 2:04 AM

  156. Adam Musyt:

    Temperature now back up to 32 at RME – and I can hear some of the snow melting off of the roof.

    Just an amazing storm.

    Posted February 26th at 2:15 AM

  157. Rob (Whitesboro):

    I can’t believe you drove home. I thought you were going to stay on the hill. It’s still all snow here at 31 degrees. I might as well stay up untill the backend rolls through.

    Posted February 26th at 2:26 AM

  158. Matt (HP):

    Winds are picking up a little seeing some large snow chunks fall off the trees. Lightly snowing.

    Posted February 26th at 2:30 AM

  159. Matt (HP):

    It looks like the low is sitting just over western CT. Why the sudden cutoff in precip from the atlantic?

    Posted February 26th at 2:33 AM

  160. Adam Musyt:


    Nerves of steel :)

    Posted February 26th at 2:33 AM

  161. Rob (Whitesboro):

    Here comes the Grand finally!! Quarter sized flakes are flying at 32 degrees.

    Posted February 26th at 2:58 AM

  162. Adam Musyt:

    And now we’re 34 degrees at RME and I can hear even more melting, along with nickel-sized flakes flying…

    Good night and stay warm, everyone!

    Posted February 26th at 3:12 AM

  163. Rob (Whitesboro):

    I’m off to bed too. Just flurries now. 24HR storm total is 17.1” here. The biggest storm here since the V-Day storm which I ended up with 18” on that day. Still haven’t seen the plow…and I really don’t want to.

    Posted February 26th at 3:41 AM

  164. Clifford (Garrattsville, Otsego):

    Waking up to a lot of snow. I have no idea on how much we have. The wind really screwed that up for me. Still snowing hard, but the dry slot is closing in fast. Winds are howling and the power keeps going out. Hopefully it will stay on.

    Posted February 26th at 3:42 AM

  165. Bill Kardas (WKTV):

    16.5” total snow in North Utica. 9.5” fell since I went to bed around 7:30pm. Four wheel drive is a must this morning. The tree limbs are very heavy due to the sticky snow. Thankfully, there hasn’t been much wind in the valley so far (thinking inversion but will look into it).

    Posted February 26th at 4:30 AM

  166. Bill Kardas (WKTV):

    Sleet/rain/snow outside right now. I’d imagine that most of the schools are going to close (again) today. Utica schools already put in the call.

    Posted February 26th at 4:32 AM

  167. AVA:


    What is inversion?

    Posted February 26th at 4:34 AM

  168. cedarville :

    what a storm cant see out my back window the drift is so high. is the wind gonna be an issue up here on the hill

    Posted February 26th at 4:49 AM

  169. WINTER (Forestport):

    10 inches of snow…31 °…its not windy here…

    Posted February 26th at 4:58 AM

  170. cedarville:

    nws has issued a winter storm warning till 7 pm sat. why is that

    Posted February 26th at 5:21 AM

  171. Denys (E.Winfield):

    Snowing here still but it’s coming straight down. Doesn’t seem to be any wind. I can’t open my front door so I can’t get a snow total yet. We don’t have cable out here, we have a converter box. There is no signal for WKTV..............I feel like we have dropped off the face of the earth! LOL Is there anybody out there???

    Posted February 26th at 5:25 AM

  172. Smitty (Goodyear Lake):

    Well I can’t open my door all the way. Measured 11.5 since 9pm last night (additional) that makes a total of 22 total inches. Temp at 30.4 now. No wind and kist light precip. Now I have to try to get driveway cleared have to get to work. Wont make 7am though. Guess my son is not going to PA with basketball team today for tournament.

    Posted February 26th at 5:37 AM

  173. cedarville:

    same here no signal here .now i feel real snowed in

    Posted February 26th at 5:40 AM

  174. barb:

    are we exspecting more snow in the valley area they extende the winter storm warning

    Posted February 26th at 5:42 AM

  175. Cedarville:

    Denys, we also have converter box and no TV signal this morning. Wonder what happened to them? Glad we have the automated call for school closing. No school at MM again today.

    Posted February 26th at 5:56 AM

  176. mohawk:

    When will the forecast be updated? I keep checking the webpage and the last one says it was updated at 6:50 last night. I can’t catch the forecast on tv, because the station is not coming in on any of our converter boxes. We were hoping to find out what today will bring as far as more snow. Thansks.

    Posted February 26th at 5:58 AM

  177. Bill Kardas (WKTV):

    Crazy morning, so I apologize if I duck out for long periods of time. The storm is basically over with today…at least the heavy snows will be done. The warnings in place are extended because it’s not going to stop snowing today. We’re only expecting a few inches through today (1-3”)

    Posted February 26th at 5:59 AM

  178. Bill Kardas (WKTV):

    Mohawk…again, trying to play catchup here…i’ll have it up ASAP...

    Posted February 26th at 6:02 AM

  179. mohawk:

    Thanks!! We’re just wondering what the possibilities for digging out are!

    Posted February 26th at 6:04 AM

  180. snow lover (springfield):

    Snow blowing at 4 a.m…..was another 18” out there since I did it yesterday. Total of 25”. Takes me about an hour and there was some wet rain/non-snow hitting me in the face. By the time I got done, there was no precip. Plus, a phone call for no school…woo!

    Posted February 26th at 6:05 AM

  181. Bill Kardas (WKTV):

    Website updated…will post the snow map once the system cooperates. TGIF :)

    Posted February 26th at 6:11 AM

  182. Bill Kardas (WKTV):

    Be careful on the way to work this morning. The tree branches are hanging very low on the sides of the roadways. As temperatures climb above freezing, there will be a lot of “snow bombs” flying off the trees.

    Posted February 26th at 6:25 AM

  183. Bill Kardas (WKTV):

    25.0” in West Exeter

    Posted February 26th at 6:28 AM

  184. Jimmy (New Hartford):

    Storm Total: 17.9 inches

    Posted February 26th at 6:43 AM

  185. Nick (West Winfield NY):

    25.0 here too from the storm. we are over 3feet all together with the 25 inches we got and the ten we had here before the storm. looks like the temps are going to drop. I hope in to the 20s. I saw a snowmobiler on the road last night. Dos any body see another snowstorm coming? the drifts here can go up to 4FEET HIGH. Not one snow plow went by last night. And this storm is still not over!!!!

    Posted February 26th at 6:43 AM

  186. Nick (West Winfield NY):

    SNOW DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted February 26th at 6:44 AM

  187. Bill Kardas (WKTV):

    This storm is going to linger around through the weekend…but it’s going to be a very light accumulation (1-2” per day generally). This looks to be the big one of the winter. It’s going to be very hard to top an event like this one.

    Posted February 26th at 6:51 AM

  188. Bill Kardas (WKTV):

    The snowfall list has been posted to the website. I’ll be periodically updating this throughout the morning hours.

    Posted February 26th at 6:54 AM

  189. snow lower (springfield):

    My icicles are melting It is only 33ish. Can we expect temps to stabilize around 32 or drop?

    Posted February 26th at 6:55 AM

  190. Linda (Sauquoit):

    Up on the hill in Sauquoit — another 9.5 inches from 8PM last night — gives us 19.5 inches for the storm. The temp dropped to 22 here at about 10PM. Up to 29 now. The kids are thrilled — definitely enough snow for a snowman and a snow fort!

    Posted February 26th at 6:59 AM

  191. mohawk:

    Just got back in…. we have 14 inches in our driveway (on vickerman hill) since we snow-blowed at 6 last night!! Before that we had about 10 inches, so about 2 feet for us here on the hill.

    Posted February 26th at 7:00 AM

  192. Art (Oriskany Falls):


    This day ain’t over with yet and it’s still snowing here.

    Our temp is 32* right now.

    The barometer reads 29.06
    The winds are still out of the NW

    Posted February 26th at 7:04 AM

  193. Nick (West Winfield NY):

    its 30 here. not really moving. nothing is melting.

    Posted February 26th at 7:09 AM

  194. Bill Kardas (WKTV):

    Temperatures have climbed above freezing across the valleys and even here on Smith Hill. We’re seeing plain rain, with the dry slot punching a hole in the clouds. Nice and sunny out right now. Good weather to dig out. The storm is pretty much done…perhaps some nickel and dime snows over the next two days.

    Posted February 26th at 7:20 AM

  195. Ryan (Sauquoit):

    Picked up another 7.5 inches of snow last night. Storm totals 20 inches. That storm was intense!

    Posted February 26th at 7:26 AM

  196. barb:

    what is inversion

    Posted February 26th at 7:46 AM

  197. Tom ( Richfield Springs):

    Wind is starting again here. 27” of snow, had to take multiple readings as the wet snow kept settling. I hope we are done for a while. hi Denys.

    Posted February 26th at 7:54 AM

  198. Bill Kardas (WKTV):

    Cellular bands of snow and rain will be the rule today…meaning some sunshine, followed by a snow/rain shower, then more sunshine. With temperatures well above freezing today in the lower elevations (Rome already 36 degrees) it will be difficult to accumulate snow.

    Posted February 26th at 7:59 AM

  199. Bill Kardas (WKTV):


    An inversion is when temperatures warm with height. It creates a stable layer of air, preventing winds from mixing to the surface. The higher hilltops saw gusty winds last night, but the valleys were spared. An inversion would explain that scenario. Here is a look at last night’s Buffalo sounding . The surface was colder than the air above it (the temperature line bends to the right).

    Posted February 26th at 8:03 AM

  200. Bill Kardas (WKTV):

    Despite the lack of wind, the heavy snow has brought down several tree limbs. We’re getting reports of scattered power outages.

    Posted February 26th at 8:04 AM

  201. princesakiki and amanda:

    there is lots of snow at our houses. i, princesakiki am talking on the phone with amanda. what do you have to say about the weather, amanda? “it’s windy andlike ten inches.“says amanda.

    Posted February 26th at 8:07 AM

  202. princesakiki:

    what do you say about the weather, guys?
    i have lots of snow here! about two feet.

    Posted February 26th at 8:10 AM

  203. Bill Kardas (WKTV):

    According to the National Grid storm map here’s a look at the number of power outages across CNY:

    Oneida county: 3,000
    Herkimer: 2,500

    Not sure about Otsego County at this time.

    Posted February 26th at 8:10 AM

  204. Chris from Canajoharie :

    from my last measurement at 6:11pm yesterday which we had 8 inches in canjo. We gained 11 inches overnight and snow total in Canajoharie from the storm is 19 total inches!!!

    Posted February 26th at 8:14 AM

  205. MG(Point Rock):

    My measurement was an even 12.0 inches for the whole thing. Tghe temperature stayed between 31 ad 33 the entire time. Very little wind up here. Roads have been plowed, and are in fairly good shape. Schools are open and running on schedule up here. My driveway, however, was not quite so good.

    Posted February 26th at 8:16 AM

  206. adam(hecla):

    19 inches for my measurement

    Posted February 26th at 8:29 AM

  207. Ryan (Sauquoit):

    Just took a second measurement. Storm totals: 24 inches, awesome storm.

    Posted February 26th at 8:40 AM

  208. Tony -

    15.2” for Westmo. Bill check you email. Caught a rainbow this morning. Rather cool!!

    Posted February 26th at 8:41 AM

  209. Barbara (Laurens):

    All plowed out !
    We have a storm total of 22”, seasonal total now 67”.
    Power blinked a few times last night but no outage.

    Posted February 26th at 8:59 AM

  210. Clifford (Garrattsville, Otsego):

    Does Otsego County have a state of emergency ? It’s being rumored around here.

    Posted February 26th at 9:00 AM

  211. AJ - Norwich:

    Clifford: The best way to get the official information is to sign up with NY-Alert. ( You will get the notification immediately that way.

    Posted February 26th at 9:09 AM

  212. Anthony N.Marcy 900 ft):

    Picked up 8 additional inches last night…grand total of 22”.

    Posted February 26th at 9:13 AM

  213. Chris ( HP Weather Observer ):

    Picked up 8 inches overnight and 1 fooot during the day yesterday.. Grand total 20 inches.. seasonal total 84.5 inches.. Wild and crazy.. lost power for a while last night, numerous trees and branches down..

    Posted February 26th at 9:26 AM

  214. Deb in Hartwick:

    21” up on the hill (1500’)
    state of emergency in oneonta till noon,213.
    season total 70”

    Posted February 26th at 9:32 AM

  215. Winter Hater:

    Now can all the Snow cheerleaders put their poms poms away. We will end up again ,before the winter is done (April) at or above normal snowfall like the majority of the past 10 winters!

    Posted February 26th at 9:58 AM

  216. Bill Kardas (WKTV):

    Large tree limbs down in North Utica. One fell near my driveway. Will be a busy afternoon cutting that one up. Free firewood though :)

    Posted February 26th at 10:00 AM

  217. Jim (Whitesboro):

    yeah, a neighbor told me that a tree fell on a house in the village a few streets down from me of of main st, i think it was on Redfield Ave? maybe

    Posted February 26th at 10:05 AM

  218. Bill Kardas (WKTV):

    Typical cutoff type precipitation today. Sunshine is creating a bit of instability as the cold pocket settles over the region. Look for numerous snow/rain showers throughout the day, breaks of sunshine, and a little bit of (dare I say) grauple (looks like ice pellets)? This is the right kind of weather pattern for that to happen.

    Posted February 26th at 10:22 AM

  219. Jeff H (Sherburne Hills):

    Well I now have a small path out of the driveway, buried the 4 wheeler 3 times already. In for a rest then I will have to finish so I can go to work!

    22.8” total with almost 2.50 LEQ Nasty heavy wet stuff!

    Posted February 26th at 10:30 AM

  220. Bill Kardas (WKTV):

    The above freezing temperatures and peaks of sun are really helping the tree limb situation. The snow is quickly coming off the trees, taking the stress off of them.

    Posted February 26th at 10:31 AM

  221. Jeff H (Sherburne Hills):

    Ugh second post…..

    22.8” total for the storm, came in for a break this heavy stuff is impossible to move!

    Posted February 26th at 10:35 AM

  222. Wondering:

    Why I got a text alert on my phone today saying 8am-snow 12pm-snow and 5pm-heavy snow if it is basically over?? Was th is an error?

    Posted February 26th at 10:37 AM

  223. Laura in West Winfield:

    By my non-scientific measurement (a/k/a how far up the handle of the snow shovel, then measured with a ruler), I’d say 18” here.

    Posted February 26th at 10:39 AM

  224. Smitty:

    213. Clifford – No state of emergency – we are just in advisory. Everything should be open.

    Posted February 26th at 10:55 AM

  225. joe in cedarville:

    why are we under a winter storm warning till tomorrow night in herk county

    Posted February 26th at 11:11 AM

  226. Jim (Whitesboro):

    snowing moderate/heavy right now, big flakes, probably too warm to stick to the roads though.

    Posted February 26th at 11:15 AM

  227. Jim (Whitesboro):

    and now it is done, amazing really, guess this was that nickel and dime stuff

    Posted February 26th at 11:16 AM

  228. Rob (Whitesboro):

    The snow at the end of my driveway this morning was over 3 feet. My garbage bucket was upside down in the middle of the lawn with garbage everywhere. There’s still a ton of slush on the road. It’s just barely passible.

    Posted February 26th at 11:18 AM

  229. Jim (Whitesboro):

    I know that feeling Rob, after we cleared out the snow at the end of the driveway the plow came through, and I had to do it over again, the plow left one boulder that was at least 100 pounds of snow and 3 or 4 feet diameter.

    Posted February 26th at 11:25 AM

  230. Bill Kardas (WKTV):


    While I can’t speak for the NWS, my thought would be that they are lumping yesterday, today, and tomorrow’s snowfall as one event. These snows today and tomorrow are technically part of the same storm that happened last night.

    What that means for you is not to worry. Snowfall accumulations from here on out will be light.

    Posted February 26th at 11:31 AM

  231. Rob (Whitesboro):

    I can’t believe we didn’t lose power. There are large tree branches down all over up here. If we had the wind that we were suppoed to get…we’d be a federal disater area. Looks like some more heavy squalls coming. We got to keep an eye on another storm next week…it’s getting closer.

    Posted February 26th at 11:32 AM

  232. Becky (West Leyden):

    Picked up 13 inches. This morning only been getting a few off and on snow fluries.
    Sun has been peeking through the clouds every once and a while.

    Posted February 26th at 11:33 AM

  233. Bill Kardas (WKTV):

    BGM has dropped the warnings for Oneida, Otsego, Madison, Chenango

    Posted February 26th at 12:15 PM

  234. Jimmy (New Hartford):

    The 17.9 inch storm total is starting to melt a little bit here as temperatures are now above freezing.

    Posted February 26th at 12:39 PM

  235. Steve (east side Kyser Lake) Oppenheim:

    Hi folks, Well power came back about a 1/2 hr ago. 12:30 pm. Went out at 1:19 am and went to bed. TV converter box is still showing no signal from Wktv. Storm total for me was 22” but then again I get snow blowing on my property here as the wind sweeps it in off the lake.
    Time to get back to snowblowing. The plow truck is stuck in the ditch and refuses to budge. Anyone local have a 4×4 tow truck type winch with a boom and wants to make a few bucks?? I am serious here. Arron from Automotive Rescue refuses to come down here. Kind of makes his business name a oxymoron. Short of craneing it out of there, it is stuck there till the spring or the snow melts, which ever comes first…..LOL
    Best to all, Steve

    Posted February 26th at 1:22 PM

  236. Scott (HP):

    Holland Patent made news on the weather channel for our 19 (I say 20) inches of snow from this storm.

    Posted February 26th at 2:25 PM

  237. Rob (Whitesboro):

    My road is scraped right to the bare pavement now. Can’t believe how clear the skies are. There’s only a few clouds. I had a 1/2 mile visability a few hours ago.

    Posted February 26th at 2:30 PM

  238. Sponge Bob:

    26” in the hills in Sauquoit. Accuweather’s forecast wasn’t too bad?

    Posted February 26th at 2:33 PM

  239. Squarepants:

    Accuweather said the winds would blow 74mph. SNOW HURRICANE! Give me a break.

    Posted February 26th at 2:55 PM

  240. Matt (HP):

    Scott, SWEET!!!

    Posted February 26th at 3:03 PM

  241. Adam Musyt:

    We’ve made it up to 40 degrees at 4 PM at RME.

    The Atlantic air has circulated all the way back into our area from the east. This storm has just been amazing.

    Posted February 26th at 4:09 PM

  242. Anthony (N.Marcy):

    Just talked to a friend in Gloversville… heavy snow falling now.

    Herkimer country warning from NWS ALB calls for “ADDITIONAL SNOWFALL TODAY/TOMORROW 6-12’)


    It looks like this thing is coming back…. whats the chances when the sun goes down that we see some appreciable snow here in central oneida country?

    Posted February 26th at 4:20 PM

  243. Shaun (St. Johnsville):

    Weather Channel is saying 6 to 12 inches of additional snow tonight for the mohawk valley. Can you guys confirm this?

    Posted February 26th at 4:38 PM

  244. Snow Hurricane:

    26 inches is a snow hurricane! 7 mph winds

    Posted February 26th at 5:12 PM

  245. Cedarville:

    Snow heavily here. Near white out conditions a few minutes ago..

    Posted February 26th at 5:19 PM

  246. kelly:

    Are you guys serious addtional 6- 12 inches?????

    Posted February 26th at 5:30 PM

  247. Amy (Salisbury):

    Wow! Sorry I haven’t been able to post but…
    we received 17” of snow since 5:30 am yesterday. That brings my season total to 95.25, certainly much better than a week ago, but still 30” below last years total for this date.

    And… it’s snowing again here!

    Posted February 26th at 5:46 PM

  248. Adam Musyt:

    The coastal storm system is still hanging out right around NYC. It’s starting to fill, or weaken, but there is still a ton of lowlevel moisture around. As the storm continues to weaken, mesocale and terrain effects are going to take over – and unlike last night where all of CNY had a widespread and heavy snowfall, tonight’s snowfall will be more “squally” and localized.

    Any squalls that develop are going to be better handled through nowcasting – but we are pretty confident that the areas with the greatest chances of seeing an additional moderate snow accumulation will be over the higher hilltops.

    Updated snowfall forecast map through 7 AM

    Posted February 26th at 5:52 PM

  249. Stacy (Stratford):

    Enough is enough! When is this going to end? I thought things were pretty much over with, and then WHAM it’s snowing heavy again! In the last hour we have gained another inch, and its still coming down! Storm total, I have no exact idea. My best estimate would be near 2 feet, which is plenty!

    Posted February 26th at 5:58 PM

  250. Justin (Whitesboro):

    Why are the temps still so high?? Are they going to drop any this weekend?

    Posted February 26th at 6:03 PM

  251. Adam Musyt:


    Temps are high because we just endured 24-36 hours of wind coming right in off the Atlantic. With such a stagnant weather pattern we don’t see any big cooldowns in the short term. Mid to upper 30’s by day and upper 20’s to near 30 for overnight lows seem reasonable for the next few days.

    Posted February 26th at 6:06 PM

  252. Jim (Whitesboro):

    lots of big fat flakes coming down the entire way from North Utica to Whitesboro, starting to stick on side roads and shoulders especially

    Posted February 26th at 6:11 PM

  253. Winter Hater:

    Snowing Harder out right now than yesterdays storm that dumped 20” Here in Salisbury Spruce Lake! But We will have some People who still not satisfied of about 3’ Snowfall in 3 days. Who will be moaning & crying when the next one misses us, & want this crap daily! Adam when you link to updated snow map it is for yesterday.

    Posted February 26th at 7:05 PM

  254. Rob (Whitesboro):

    That was a wild storm. That was a 30 incher for sure in January. It was hard to keep track of too. I can’t believe the warm nose never made it here. It was all snow right to the last bucket. No wind either…that just blows my mind. We got hit hard…but it could of been epic for sure.

    Posted February 26th at 7:23 PM

  255. Rob (Whitesboro):

    I picked up .4” today. That last squall only dropped a few flurries here.

    Posted February 26th at 7:27 PM

  256. Adam Musyt:


    Seems to be working on all of our computers here. Try refreshing the page.

    Posted February 26th at 7:28 PM

  257. matt (marcy):

    I have to disagree with the snow total for marcy, the grand total of 21 inches as of 7 a.m. feb. 26th is correct but not 15 hard to measure for some but heaviness of the snow compacts downward. If this was the fluffy variety it would have been 30 to 50 inches easily.

    Posted February 26th at 7:33 PM

  258. Jeff H (Sherburne Hills):

    WOW, enough already…..

    another 3” after the sun went down and still snowing moderately at this time, looks like a band is just sitting right over us, not sure where I am going to put anymore snow!

    Posted February 26th at 7:38 PM

  259. Matt:


    21” in a drift doesn’t count.

    Posted February 26th at 7:39 PM

  260. Anthony (N.Marcy 900ft):


    I measured 14” in several spots in my driveway (no wind last night = no drifts) at 8 pm last night then I snowblowed the driveway (down to the pavement) and an additional 8” this morning at 7am this morning. In addition, the folks in HP have said they have totals around 20” +/- 1”..... also, I am on top of the hill…

    To add to that …. went to my moms house in N.Utica and she had 17” at her house and there was definately a noticeable difference ….

    And Matt (Marcy).... thank you for seconding my measurements

    Posted February 26th at 7:56 PM

  261. Anthony (N.Marcy):

    Weather team… snowpack here is 27”

    Posted February 26th at 7:57 PM

  262. Adam Musyt:

    New entry up.

    Posted February 26th at 8:34 PM

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    Posted April 29th at 3:13 AM

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