Cold weather continues...

Posted February 26th, 2014 by Bill Kardas. 96 comments

The cold winter continues here in Central New York.  The weather headlines are as follows: cold, wind, and light snow.  This has been the theme this entire winter.  Things don't look to change in the short run, but the clock will run out on winter.

An arctic front passed through the area early this morning, bringing a few snow showers and a brief squall south of the Mohawk Valley.  Behind the front, temperatures are in the single digits across Western New York.  This pool of cold air will wash over Central New York this afternoon, keeping temperatures in the lower teens this afternoon.  With a blustery west wind between 15-20mph, the wind chill will be near or below zero at times today.  BUNDLE UP!

Lake effect snow will linger today across the north country.  The wind direction stays generally 270 today.  BUFKIT shows the band pinching south for a few hours this evening close to or just north of the Mohawk Valley (5-7pm).  It shouldn't last for long, but it is something to watch.  The good news is the bitterly cold air should help shrink the band, preventing the heaviest snow from extending into our viewing area.  Also, the late February sun should break apart the band during the afternoon hours.

Going forward...

Another clipper arrives on Thursday, bringing widespread light snow.  This will serve to reinforce cold weather in Central New York.  High pressure returns on Friday, delivering sunshine but temperatures will not climb out of the low teens.  Some spots on Friday may only top out in the single digits.  A tough feat to achieve this late in the month!

The cold blast will retreat to the north over the weekend. 


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  1. Louis (Barneveld):

    1.2” of new snow overnight. It was a moderate to heavy snow between 4AM and 6AM, light snow now. It was a light snow when I went to bed around 10:00 last night, radar wasn’t showing that, Rob had a similar report late last night so it must have been something.

    Posted February 26th at 7:10 AM

  2. Louis (Barneveld):

    Current snowpack is 14.1” with about 8” of fluff on top of 6” of a very pack snow, almost ice, from the warm up.

    Posted February 26th at 7:18 AM

  3. snowman78 (Stokes Hill (leecenter)):

    Heavy snow up here can barely see across the road 2 inches over night.

    Posted February 26th at 7:34 AM

  4. Bill Kardas (WKTV):

    Getting several reports of snow squalls this morning, despite the lack of a decent radar signature.

    Posted February 26th at 8:08 AM

  5. Neil :

    A quick 0.6” of snow here this morning…winds have really picked up.

    Posted February 26th at 8:15 AM

  6. Rob (Whitesboro):

    0.4” here and sunshine. The LES band looks like a snake.

    Posted February 26th at 8:19 AM

  7. Art (Oriskany Falls):

    A few minutes ago a Snow Squall hit and there was 0 visibility for about 5 minutes.
    I can’t believe how much snow we got in 5 minutes.
    The wind chill was bad here this morning and I am sure the windchill temp. was below 0*

    Posted February 26th at 8:42 AM

  8. Gordon (Northwestern):

    Have had 2.9” of snow since last evening around 6 PM. Some light snow still falling.

    Posted February 26th at 9:04 AM

  9. Rob (Whitesboro):

    What’s BUFKIT got for tomorrow night? Band looks intense! Good thing it will be around though or we would probably hit -20

    Posted February 26th at 9:55 AM

  10. Rob (Whitesboro):

    If I recall correctly tonight will be our 20th night below zero. If it wasn’t for the lake it would probably be our 30th.

    Posted February 26th at 10:02 AM

  11. Rob (Whitesboro):

    Next week looks brutal cold too. Vortex is right to our north supressing the heavy snow into NYC/NJ/PA.

    Posted February 26th at 11:55 AM

  12. Louis (Barneveld):

    0.8” since 7:00AM.

    Posted February 26th at 3:04 PM

  13. Bill Kardas (WKTV):

    Despite accumulating about 3” of snow over the past few days, you’d never know by looking out the window at the driveway. The sun has been consistently melting each minor snowfall every afternoon on the pavement. And it happened today despite being in the low teens!

    Skies are clear here and the sun is setting. We should have NO PROBLEM getting well below zero in many spots tomorrow morning. It loses it’s luster after the 20th time :)

    Posted February 26th at 5:50 PM

  14. Louis (Barneveld):

    Not too much melt up here, it seems until about 3:30PM, it was mostly cloudy to overcast with on and off snow.

    It looks like we got a weekend heat wave before we fall off another cliff next week after the possible storm early next week, which at this point looks like we’re on the outer edge of it (2”-4” generaly with 3”-6” south of Rt. 20, and probably 6”+ around Bingamton or so) on 18z GFS.

    Posted February 26th at 7:12 PM

  15. Louis (Barneveld):

    All ready down to 9°F.

    Posted February 26th at 7:14 PM

  16. Louis (Barneveld):

    NWS BGM: Lake Effect snow watch in effect for Northern Oneida County from Thursday Afternoon through Friday Afternoon. Accumulation: potentially 7”+.

    Posted February 26th at 7:59 PM

  17. Louis (Barneveld):

    Down to 7°F, temps are plummeting!!!

    Posted February 26th at 8:01 PM

  18. Mel (Rome):

    Rome was down to 3 at 8:00

    Posted February 26th at 8:39 PM

  19. Louis (Barneveld):

    Down to 5°F now, I’ll probably dip below zero around 10:00 (at the latest) at this rate!

    Posted February 26th at 8:44 PM

  20. Rob (Whitesboro):

    Winds are calm here. Already down to -1

    Posted February 26th at 8:57 PM

  21. Rob (Whitesboro):

    Clouds are coming into WNY. I could see us hitting -10 before they get here.

    Posted February 26th at 9:03 PM

  22. Rob (Whitesboro):

    This is an extremeley cold airmass coming in. Even for January this is wicked. 850’s drop to near -28 in the S. tier with high pressure moving in tomorrow night. Out side of lake clouds that could get you -25 degrees…or maybe even colder!

    Posted February 26th at 10:25 PM

  23. Rob (Whitesboro):

    My thinking for Lake effetct is that it weakens quite a bit (dry air) as it gets into the valley tomorrow night. But it also persists for awhile as well and we’ll have near 40;1 ratios. Could be a decent event for us and probably 6-10 to the north of the thruway

    Posted February 26th at 10:37 PM

  24. Rob (Whitesboro):

    I’m cloudy now. It was tough to see the clouds on infra red with the snowpack. Low was -4 and up to zero currently.

    Posted February 26th at 11:23 PM

  25. Tom (Richfield Springs):

    0 degrees with mostly clear sky and calm. With the wind it’s hard to tell how much new snow but I think only about 0.1”.

    Posted February 27th at 5:09 AM

  26. Denys (East Winfield):

    4 degrees, overcast and windy.

    Posted February 27th at 5:31 AM

  27. Louis (Barneveld):

    Had a low of -4 last night. Here’s the latest info, a lot to pass on.

    NWS BGM: Lake Effect Snow Advisory in effect for Oneida (both northern & southern), Herkimer (both northern and southern), Madison, and Onondaga counties from 1:00PM Thursday until 1:00PM Friday. Accumulations: 3”-7” with 7” more west to places such as Camden.

    NWS BGM: A Wind Chill Advisory is in effect for most of the viewing area with the exception of Southern Fulton, Southern Herkimer and Montgomery counties from 6:00PM tonight through 9:00AM tomorrow morning except for Northern Herkimer and Hamilton counties where it’s in effect from 10:00PM tonight through 9:00AM tomorrow.

    NWS BUF: Lake Effect Snow Warning in effect from

    Posted February 27th at 6:04 AM

  28. Louis (Barneveld):

    Continuation: 12:00PM today until 10:00PM tonight for Lewis County. Accumulations of 5”-10” in the most persisdent snows.

    Posted February 27th at 6:07 AM

  29. Neil (South Utica - Genesee St.):

    Had a low of 1*...up to 10* now.

    Posted February 27th at 6:34 AM

  30. Louis (Barneveld):

    00z GFS had us a some moderate snow for early week storm, but 06z GFS run pushes storm south of us once again.

    Posted February 27th at 6:46 AM

  31. Jeff H (Sherburne Hills):

    -12 here at 7am….10th day with double digit below zero and 22nd day this winter below zero overall. Coldest winter in a very long time….

    Posted February 27th at 7:30 AM

  32. Bill Kardas (WKTV):

    Big story today is the arctic front that arrives this afternoon. Snow squalls will develop and pass through around and shortly after noon across the area. An inch or two of accumulation is likely for the majority of the viewing audience (Mohawk Valley-Southern Valleys). 2-4" is possible across Northern Oneida County/Northern Herkimer County with an upslope component.

    Lake effect snow on the back of the front will impact areas west of Utica overnight. The dry air will keep the band in check again, but a fluffy inch or two of accumulation is expected tonight too. Sunshine on Friday should melt this away again (on the pavement), even though high temperatures barely crack 10°!

    Posted February 27th at 7:34 AM

  33. MG (Point Rock):

    Hit -12 here sometime last night. Up to +2 now

    Posted February 27th at 8:04 AM

  34. Bill Kardas (WKTV):

    Squalls are about an hour behind schedule. Extrapolation brings the leading edge of the bands into Central New York just after 2pm. This is assuming the forward speed of the front doesn’t change.

    Posted February 27th at 11:25 AM

  35. Rob (Whitesboro):

    Picked up 0.5” from the squall and a peak gust of 34mph. LES Warning just issued for the area for tonight.

    Posted February 27th at 2:31 PM

  36. sbcotton112 (whitesboro):

    Rob think us in whitesboro will get in on the snow tonight.

    Posted February 27th at 2:49 PM

  37. Allen (Sauquoit):

    Any idea where the band will set up tonight? Think we will be able to cash in on some snow?

    Posted February 27th at 2:54 PM

  38. Louis :

    Rob-Do you think I’m too far east to get anything big tonight with temps being as cold as they are?

    Posted February 27th at 3:15 PM

  39. Abominable (Whitesboro):

    You have to check out this video from a news helicopter as a squall line comes through Toronto today. Very cool vid….

    Posted February 27th at 3:18 PM

  40. Abominable (Whitesboro):

    Sorry, here is the full link I hope….

    Posted February 27th at 3:19 PM

  41. Rob (Whitesboro):

    You should do alright Louis…although the band might settle just to your south later tonight.

    Posted February 27th at 3:37 PM

  42. Louis (Barneveld):

    Thanks Rob, so like 4”-6”?

    Posted February 27th at 3:46 PM

  43. Rob (Whitesboro):

    Yup seems fitting. Should come down fast. Band settles on 290ish flow with the heaviest amounts along the thruway coridor.

    Posted February 27th at 4:01 PM

  44. Rob (Whitesboro):

    Your going to get clobbered here in a minute. Huge squall heading for you. Near zero visability in Rome.

    Posted February 27th at 4:05 PM

  45. Gordon (Northwestern):

    Only a dusting of snow with the first squall that came through about 2 PM. 1” even with the band that came through in the last 1/2 hour. Temp dropped from 22 at 3:30 PM to 14 at 4:30 PM. Only light snow at this time.

    Posted February 27th at 4:35 PM

  46. Abominable (Whitesboro):

    Very cold and very strong sustained winds here for the last half hour or so.

    Posted February 27th at 4:44 PM

  47. Rob (Whitesboro):

    That was a brutal squall that just crossed the county. I wasn’t even in the brunt of it and still had near zero visabilty. Winds were sustained at 35mph for 10 mins and peak gust at 39mph. I bet that one caused a few accidents.

    Posted February 27th at 4:50 PM

  48. Neil (South Utica - Genesee St.):

    Just drove home from Oneida, went through a squall. The wind and visibility was more of an issue than the roads. Wind was blowing so hard that nothing can stick to the roads.

    Posted February 27th at 4:53 PM

  49. sbcotton112 (whitesboro):

    it looks like the les is all ready setting up it going be a fun night.

    Posted February 27th at 5:10 PM

  50. Louis (Barneveld):

    About 1” from the 2 squalls that came by with about 0.7” from that last one. Had zero mile visibility for about 15 minutes. Just overcast now, and VERY windy! Thanks for the updates Rob!!!!

    Posted February 27th at 5:15 PM

  51. Justin (Rome):

    LES looks strong and moving south fast..just north of SYR..hope it sits over CNY

    Posted February 27th at 6:29 PM

  52. Justin (Rome):

    Light Snow has started here in Rome…NWS states heaviest should fall just north of SYR and in or just south of Rome through midnight..we shall see

    Posted February 27th at 7:20 PM

  53. Justin (Rome):

    Moderate Snow now with low visibility

    Posted February 27th at 7:27 PM

  54. Louis (Barneveld):

    Light Snow here. Temp is 5°F

    Posted February 27th at 7:32 PM

  55. Rob (Whitesboro):

    Snow just started here as well.

    Posted February 27th at 7:33 PM

  56. Justin (Rome):

    Band has seemed to stop its southward progress over ontario..guess so far NWS is right

    Posted February 27th at 7:35 PM

  57. Justin (Rome):

    Heavy Snow right now

    Posted February 27th at 7:43 PM

  58. Louis (Barneveld):

    Now some moderate snow, though radar is just indicating light snow for me, I hope the band stays right where it is.

    Posted February 27th at 7:51 PM

  59. Art (Oriskany Falls):

    +5* here and the wind is really blowing.
    Wondering what the wind chill might be.
    I keep looking out the slider door window for snow, but haven’t seen any yet.

    Posted February 27th at 8:25 PM

  60. Neil (South Utica - Genesee St.):

    Not much happening here, just some light snow showers. Air is too dry to make it this far east.

    Posted February 27th at 8:57 PM

  61. Adam Musyt:

    Very fine light snow is falling on the hill. So far nothing worthy of measurement, maybe one or two tenths.

    Posted February 27th at 9:03 PM

  62. Justin (Rome):

    Crazy how only 15 miles can make it moderate to heavy snow in Rome to light snow in Utica..still coming down at a good clip

    Posted February 27th at 9:17 PM

  63. Rocino (N.Marcy):

    Moderate to Heavy snow here for the last 1-2 hours…..

    I will struggle to get a measurement as my house sits wide open on top of the hill to a west wind and it is CRANKING!

    I would not want to drive tonight between the snow falling and the wind driving the snow that is already on the ground. Was just outside with the dogs and it is nasty out.

    But…. bring on the snow :)

    Posted February 27th at 9:22 PM

  64. Louis (Barneveld):

    0.8” since 7:00PM. Light to Moderate snow for me at the moment.

    Posted February 27th at 9:24 PM

  65. Louis (Barneveld):

    Looks like band is still pushing south.

    Posted February 27th at 9:26 PM

  66. Rob (Whitesboro):

    0.8” here as well since 730. This band is rather wide. It covers the whole 270-310 vector. I think wind shear will decrease soon and we’ll get a more narrow heavier band.

    Posted February 27th at 9:28 PM

  67. Justin (Rome):

    Yes it is deff heading south..heaviest appears to be moving through N Oneida..

    Posted February 27th at 9:28 PM

  68. Louis (Barneveld):

    Moderate to heavy snow here now. Rob-Do you think the band
    will set up to my south and miss me, or do you think I will be in it?

    Posted February 27th at 9:36 PM

  69. Rob (Whitesboro):

    Yeah more than likely…but you’ll still have a few hours of heavy snow I think.

    Posted February 27th at 9:38 PM

  70. Louis (Barneveld):

    Okay thanks!

    18z GFS runs show Monday storm missing us to our south, not too much in the way of a warm-up either.

    Posted February 27th at 9:46 PM

  71. Louis (Barneveld):

    Well, you were right about the narrowing band Rob! Heavy snow here with a temperature of 3°F

    Posted February 27th at 10:03 PM

  72. MG (Point Rock):

    Just measured 3.9” here. That’s for all afternoon and evening. Snow is currently light to moderate, still a lot of blowing snow.

    Posted February 27th at 10:30 PM

  73. Louis (Barneveld):

    Moderate to heavy snow here now, looks like band has stopped going south (for now).

    Posted February 27th at 10:32 PM

  74. sbcotton112 (whitesboro):

    rob it looks like we are in a great spot too pick a good amount from this lake effect snow band.

    Posted February 27th at 10:37 PM

  75. Adam Musyt:

    1.0” on Smith Hill with a steady snow falling.

    Posted February 27th at 10:47 PM

  76. Louis (Barneveld):

    Moderate snow now, it’s starting to settle down up here :-(

    Posted February 27th at 10:52 PM

  77. Art (Oriskany Falls):

    It’s Snowing here now,but not much accumulation yet.

    Posted February 27th at 10:52 PM

  78. Ralph (New Hartford - Elevation 900 ft.):

    Moderate Snow here but flake size very small.

    Posted February 27th at 10:57 PM

  79. Adam Musyt:

    Band is clearly weakening on radar as it continues to migrate south.

    Posted February 27th at 11:01 PM

  80. Rob (Whitesboro):

    2.2” here with moderate snow

    Posted February 27th at 11:03 PM

  81. Louis (Barneveld):

    Also slowing down, it could be picking it’s final spot before fizzling out tonight. Still moderate snow up here now.

    Posted February 27th at 11:03 PM

  82. Louis (Barneveld):

    Just flurries now. 2.0” of fresh snow since 7:00PM.

    Posted February 27th at 11:15 PM

  83. Rocino (N.Marcy):

    Heavy snow …can barely see across the street …but not huge flakes ….judging by where the areas guarded by wind prolly about 2.5 – 3” so far …but I’ll get out tomorrow and get a more accurate measurement as at least the wind has calmed down to a more tolerable level.

    Posted February 27th at 11:21 PM

  84. Louis (Barneveld):

    This gives me a 3” daily total. I give that band another 2 hours before it looses it’s organization and breaks up from dry air working in. Boy, this week could’ve been EPIC if it was early January or so. Probably 15”+ for most of the area, especially west of Rome. Still, this week was better than nothing.

    Posted February 27th at 11:21 PM

  85. Rob (Whitesboro):

    Yeah some areas cashed in pretty good this week. Taberg has over 2 feet of snow on the ground just outside of Rome. I had 8” this morning so I’ll likely have a foot again. Not bad for this time of year.

    Posted February 27th at 11:34 PM

  86. Tom (Richfield Springs):

    -3 degrees, light wind, partly overcast, 1.4” of new snow.

    Posted February 28th at 4:56 AM

  87. Bill Kardas (WKTV):

    1.5” of snow overnight in Utica. Roads are icy this morning thanks to the cold weather. Remember, salt is not as effective at clearing the roads when temperatures drop into the single digits and beyond.

    Posted February 28th at 4:57 AM

  88. Denys (East Winfield):

    -3 degrees, partly clear and calm. Unable to measure snow due to the wind from yesterday and last night.. Looks minimal though.

    Posted February 28th at 5:27 AM

  89. Louis (Barneveld):

    -10°F right now.

    Posted February 28th at 5:59 AM

  90. Neil (South Utica - Genesee St.):

    1.2” of new snow at 0*

    Posted February 28th at 6:38 AM

  91. Nick (West Winfield ):

    -1 degree here with a fresh trace of new snow overnight.

    Posted February 28th at 6:43 AM

  92. Rob (Whitesboro):

    2.5” here and -3 degrees for a low.

    Posted February 28th at 7:06 AM

  93. Louis (Barneveld):

    -12°F out here now.

    Posted February 28th at 7:11 AM

  94. Louis (Barneveld):

    Temps are rebounding fast under sunny skies. All ready up to a toasty -11°F. Snowpack is probably between 18”-20” in most spots in my yard, some more note and some have less.

    In February, I think I only had 4 days above freezing. It was that one warm-spell.

    Posted February 28th at 7:33 AM

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    Posted March 27th at 4:02 AM

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