An End to Meteorological Winter

Posted March 2nd, 2014 by Jill Reale. 51 comments

Even though it certainly does not feel like spring outside, the end of February means the end of meteorological winter and the start of spring.  While many think this may be one of the coldest winters in recently memory, it was not one for the record books. Here is a look at the summary of meteorological winter:

December- Snow: 19.5” (-2.7”) Precip: 2.47” (-1.38”) High: 33.5 (-0.6°) Low: 18.7° (-1.5°) Avg: 26.1°(-1.0°)

                Warmest Day: 59° on December 22nd

                Coldest Day: -7° on December 17th

                2 Days Below Zero

January- Snow: 21.8” (-5.3”) Precip: 1.73” (-1.92”) High: 25.7° (-3.0°) Low: 7.6° (-5.9°) Avg: 16.7° (-4.5°)

                Warmest Day: 49° on January 13th

                Coldest Day: -20° on December 22nd

                12 Days Below Zero

February- Snow: 25.3” (+6.5”) Precip:2.34” (-0.62”) High: 26.5°(-4.6°) Low: 8.5° (-6.9°) Avg: 17.5° (-5.8°)

                Warmest Day: 45° on February 22nd

                Coldest Day:  -15° on February 12th

                8 Days Below Zero

                10th coldest February on record

The overall average temperature for the winter was 20.1°, which is 3.7° below normal and snowfall of 73.7” puts us 4.8” below normal. December was the coldest since 2010, January was the coldest since 2009 and February was the coldest since 1993! How does this year compare to others? This winter was the coldest winter since 2003-2004 and has had 22 days with temperatures below normal (the average is 10). Going forward into spring, it looks to at least start well below normal in the temperature department, with the possibility for a few more nights of below zero temperatures. The only plus, we get to spring ahead next weekend with Daylight Saving Time.


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  1. Louis (Barneveld):

    4°F now, I thought it would be colder. I’ll Probably get below zero, but not double-digits.

    Posted March 3rd at 1:32 AM

  2. Tom (Richfield Springs):

    -2 degrees, moderate wind, overcast, just a trace of new snow.

    Posted March 3rd at 5:02 AM

  3. Denys (East Winfield):

    -1 degree, moderate wind here too, and overcast with a light dusting overnight.

    Posted March 3rd at 5:18 AM

  4. Neil (South Utica - Genesee St.):

    -2* with a dusting overnight.

    Posted March 3rd at 6:45 AM

  5. Louis (Barneveld):

    WOW, made it down to -10°F up here!!! Sunny skies at the moment with 0.1” of snow overnight.

    Posted March 3rd at 7:31 AM

  6. Bill Kardas (WKTV):

    The March sun never ceases to amaze me. Despite being in the teens yesterday and today, the sun can still melt the snow off the roadways!

    It’s a good feeling to know the end is in sight…especially after all the cold weather we’ve had to put up with this winter.

    Posted March 3rd at 11:12 AM

  7. Rob (Whitesboro):

    Is there any record of the most night’s below zero? I was -4 here this morning.

    Posted March 3rd at 11:40 AM

  8. Bill Kardas (WKTV):

    We don’t keep official records like that, but I can tell you that there were 26 below zero nights in 1993-1994.

    Posted March 3rd at 12:09 PM

  9. Rob (Whitesboro):

    There’s gonna be some clouds near the lake tonight. I think we’re far enough east to avoid them. If so I think we can hit -15….again

    Posted March 3rd at 4:36 PM

  10. Louis (Barneveld):

    Only a high of 9°F today. It’s too bad there’s no snow storms looming, we got the cold, heck, let it snow!

    Posted March 3rd at 5:28 PM

  11. Jacks (Jordanville):

    I realize that this might not be weather related, but just have to share this with you that theirs a Snow Owl outside my house in Jordanville perched on our light pole. They are my absolute favorite and I thought I’d never live to see the day…wow sooo beautiful… Has anyone else seen one?

    Posted March 3rd at 8:17 PM

  12. Louis (Barneveld):

    Jacks-Two times, both in Herkimer County around Big Moose. Both of which were in winter. One was in 2010, and the other was in 2008. As far as rare birds in my area, I see Bald Eagles usually once or twice per month (I guess they’re not that rare anymore around my area). I believe they have nests around the Hinckley Reservoir. It’s good to see those guys making a come back!

    As far as the weather goes, I’m currently at -2°F under clear skies. If conditions stay like this, I might dip below -15°F!

    Posted March 3rd at 8:59 PM

  13. Rob (Whitesboro):

    I was -3 and now up to +1. Clouded up fast here.

    Posted March 3rd at 9:11 PM

  14. Louis (Barneveld):

    I made it down to -3°F just after 9:00PM, but now it’s overcast, and I’m up to -1°F. Rob-Do these clouds look to be over us for the rest of the night?

    Posted March 3rd at 9:30 PM

  15. Neil (South Utica - Genesee St.):

    Yeah, got down to 3* but just bumped back up to 4* with the cloud cover.

    Posted March 3rd at 9:30 PM

  16. Rob (Whitesboro):

    Louis they might hang around for a few hours but we should clear out way before sunrise.

    Posted March 3rd at 9:50 PM

  17. Louis (Barneveld):

    Thanks Rob! Still at -1°F with overcast skies.

    Posted March 3rd at 9:52 PM

  18. Rob (Whitesboro):

    The clouds are on a 280/290 flow. There’s even light lake effect to our west.

    Posted March 3rd at 9:52 PM

  19. MG (Point Rock):

    Jacks – apparently this is a big year for snowy owls to move south. I saw one (in Ava, at the end of January) for only the second time in my life.

    Posted March 3rd at 10:00 PM

  20. Gordon (Northwestern):

    Back in the 1980’s, I was an Air Traffic Controller at Rochester Airport, and we had a Snowy Owl spend most of one Winter perched on top of our control tower. So every day that I was in the tower controlling aircraft, I would see that Owl fly by on his way to the top of the tower many times each day. It was an amazing sight. Oh, by the way my temp. Is now an even 0.

    Posted March 3rd at 10:10 PM

  21. Louis (Barneveld):

    -6°F under clear skies now.

    Posted March 4th at 3:47 AM

  22. Tom (Richfield Springs):

    -3 degrees, calm, partly cloudy, not as cold as I had expected but colder than I would like for this time of year.

    Posted March 4th at 5:23 AM

  23. Denys (East Winfield):

    0 degrees, partly cloudy and calm.

    Posted March 4th at 5:30 AM

  24. Louis (Barneveld):

    -7°F was my low last night right around 4:00AM. -5°F now under overcast skies. I actually got a dusting of show overnight!

    Posted March 4th at 6:07 AM

  25. Louis (Barneveld):

    Not as cold as everyone was predicting, but -7°F is still satisfying for me!

    Posted March 4th at 6:09 AM

  26. Neil (South Utica - Genesee St.):

    4* here with flurries. Had a low of 3* with a dusting of snow.

    Posted March 4th at 6:14 AM

  27. Bill Kardas (WKTV):

    Clouds kept us in check last night. We still made it below zero, but not as cold as it could have been. We could get one more night below zero on Wednesday night before things warm up for a while.

    The average high temperature is 36° for today. It won’t get there for a few days…but when the weather returns to normal it will feel much better than it has lately.

    Posted March 4th at 7:56 AM

  28. MG (Point Rock):

    Low of -9 for me. 0.3” of new snow overnight.

    Posted March 4th at 7:57 AM

  29. Art (Oriskany Falls):

    Yesterday morning the temp. was 0*
    This morning the temp. was +2*
    This morning it seemed colder than yesterday morning, but I guess it would considering the cold day we had yesterday.

    Posted March 4th at 8:22 AM

  30. Rob (Whitesboro):

    Low here was -4 this morning.

    Posted March 4th at 10:55 AM

  31. Rob (Whitesboro):

    Temp hit 0 degrees in DC this morning. That’s very rare for them…especially in March.

    Posted March 4th at 11:11 AM

  32. Bill Kardas (WKTV):

    We’re running 7” behind average in snowfall at this point in the season. The last significant snowfall that was measured in Utica occurred on February 14th (4.5”).

    Posted March 4th at 11:11 AM

  33. Bill Kardas (WKTV):

    Statistically, only 15” to go before we hit the 30 year average. Barring some historic snowstorm (IT IS MARCH), this year will likely end up within 10” of average.

    Posted March 4th at 11:14 AM

  34. Rob (Whitesboro):

    Yeah it looks like a snoozer the next 7 days. Maybe a storm around Day 8. I’m surprised we got what we did with the storm track surpressed and most persistant lake snow to the north.

    Posted March 4th at 11:26 AM

  35. Rob (Whitesboro):

    This is the 20th anniversary of my biggest snowstorm ever here at my house. I measured 33.0” of snow. Mesoscale banding produced 4”/hr rates at time. And yes we went to school that day!

    Posted March 4th at 1:40 PM

  36. Louis :

    0.1” of snow last night, and 0.2” today. I think we’ll get one more good snowstorm before winter is over, we got the cold, though it may not be frigid, it should be cold enough to support a snowstorm, and no big warm up on the models (next week may be around or just above freezing, but that’s about it). We just need the jetstream to carry the storms up disturbances up the coast, not away from the coast. If we can get energy off of the subtropical jetstrem, pumping the gulf moisture into a disturbance, we could possibly be in for a costal storm. This far out however, it’s a crap shoot!!

    Posted March 4th at 7:41 PM

  37. Rob (Whitesboro):

    I think we’ll get a big storm too Louis. Once this artcic air gets out of here we’ll be in better position. Monster 1040mb high over us tomorrow night. For some areas in the NE this is going to be record cold.

    Posted March 4th at 9:55 PM

  38. MG (Point Rock):

    20 years ago, up here, I measured just 5.0” of snow with quite a bit of sleet. But I noted in my records that Rome had 22.7”. It guess it was one of those storms with a really sharp gradient in the snowfall amounts

    Posted March 4th at 9:59 PM

  39. Rocino (N.Marcy):


    I remember that storm. Heaviest snow I’ve seen in a 24 hour period. Well over 30” at my parents house in north Utica. It’s the same day Montgomery Wards collapsed. I actually was searching Google the other day and found the statement that went out that day from their HQ.

    Posted March 4th at 10:41 PM

  40. Rob (Whitesboro):

    Yeah must of had at least 3” of liquid. It was a very heavy wet snow. Took days to dig out. Not much wind…came straight down. The blizzard the year before I only had 24” of snow. But the wind and blowing snow was much worse. Those were the days. Christmas and V-Day storm here were only 18” a piece at my house.

    Posted March 4th at 11:34 PM

  41. Rob (Whitesboro):

    I’ll still take Feb 2007 though over everything. That was more than epic. Don’t have exact numbers right now but it was an 80”+ month which was totally ridiculous. I was never so tired in my life. “No rest for the weary”

    Posted March 4th at 11:44 PM

  42. Rob (Whitesboro):

    Every once in awhile I look back and read these entrys when there’s no snow coming. Lots of stuff going on that month.

    Posted March 5th at 12:08 AM

  43. Denys (East Winfield):

    10 degrees, overcast with a few flakes in the air.

    Posted March 5th at 5:33 AM

  44. Randy HP (Holland Patent):

    I remember that big storm on 4 March, 1994. I was in my 5th year as a Utica school teacher. The forecast was for 1-3 inches. We went to school and it started to snow around 8 AM. By noon we were well on our way to being trapped in school until 7PM. The schools closed around noon. The buses finally arrived around 4. We shoveled until 7PM. Drove to the hospital to see my dad at that point. Storm was over, and it was deep. I had a VW Fox and the snow was above the door handles when I came out to shovel at 4PM. Storm stalled off the coast near Long Island. Great stuff!!!

    Posted March 5th at 6:05 AM

  45. Bill Kardas (WKTV):

    This is a terrible pattern for those that are rooting for big snow. The jet stream trough is squatting over us, keeping any potential coastal storms away from CNY.

    Posted March 5th at 6:11 AM

  46. Louis (Barneveld):

    11°F here now.

    Bill-How long is the unfavorable pattern going to be over us for?

    Posted March 5th at 6:28 AM

  47. Neil (South Utica - Genesee St.):

    16* with a dusting overnight.

    That’s funny Randy. I remember I was in my senior year at Proctor and my parents wouldn’t let me take the car that morning. When the schools let out at noon it was crazy. My bus ended up getting stuck several blocks from my house. The bus driver refused to let us out saying he was responsible for us and another bus was coming to get us. After sitting on the bus for over an hour some of us opened the back emergency exit and jumped out to walk home. I remember him yelling at us, but what was he gonna do? lol

    Posted March 5th at 6:38 AM

  48. Louis (Barneveld):


    Posted March 5th at 7:29 AM

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    Posted March 27th at 4:01 AM

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